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Bump Maps

Andrew West

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For those of you out there that are still using Form.z and V-ray there is something you should be aware of with bump maps.   As of today I finally found what was causing my image map materials to appear odd.  They were too dark and they did not accept shadows correctly.  The sun just didn't cast an accurate shadow on my stone wall planes and it looked like a mess.  I finally found that if you remove your bump map it cleans it up instantly.  As a matter of fact if you remove all bump maps from your project a lot of issues suddenly disappear.  I even went so far as to remove any native V-ray materials that had bump maps.  

 I am only trying to help those who are experiencing similar issues and hope that they  don't have to spend a lot of time figuring it out like I did.  Hopefully this will be addressed soon.  In the mean time use displacement if you really need 3d relief on your surfaces.  Very unfortunate.  

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