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Stereo Panoramas ?


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"VR Spherical Panorama: Spherical camera with independent horizontal and vertical FOV selection that is useful for generating latlong images for spherical VR use.

Stereo: Enables or disables the Stereoscopic rendering mode. Stereoscopic images will be rendered “side-by-side” or “one on top of the other” based on the Output Layout option. You do not need to re-adjust the image resolution as it will adapt automatically."

This from the manual - I cant get it to work, a preview showing the panorama starts when I hit render, but on the next iteration everything is just garbled pixels... any hints ?

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Thanks for the tip Andrew,

after unchecking "Hybrid" this produced one image using "progressive, use GPU, Framebuffer".

But just once - now it does not work again. After "building light cache" all is scrambled again.

Only CPU rendering works but this takes ages compared to GPU...

I also thrashed my prefs but it didnt help so back to setting all shortcuts, UI etc. Annoying to say the least...



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