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V-Ray Clipper - does this actually work ?


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Has anyone succeded in using the clipper to render a building in section (as with "clipping planes") so that all cut objects are assigned a colour ?

(i.e. everything sectioned is red )

Cant get this to work... any hints ? "Use object material" (or unticking it) does not work it seems.

This from the manual: Material: Specifies the material used by the clipper.  This option is not accessible unless the "Use object material" setting is disabled. 

..does not appear in the tool options.

Also under "attributes" I only get this:


Bildschirmfoto 2018-11-01 um 14.48.32.png

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For me it works, like on 


explained. So basically you create your main object and then your clipper-object. You have to assign the clipper object, by clicking on it with the Vray clipper tool.

And you can set materials for main object and clipper object differently.

But for me to show the material of the clipper on the clipped object, the "Use Object Material" should be unchecked(in the options of clipper tool).

Hope that helps!


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I know this is an old post but it is the only one that relates to what I am doing.  Trying to create a section view in plan.  I have my complete geometry.  I created a plane that is in the middle of the room as the clipper.  Click on the clipping tool and then the plane.  Hit render.  Doesn't work at all.  What am I missing here?  Am I getting dense?


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It does nothing.  Played around with a simple cube  using a Form.z clipping plane instead.  It worked a well in shaded mode.   Then I tried it using V-ray render.   I stopped the render but the program kept thinking that the render was ongoing.  Could not quit or use any tools.  Had to force quit using the task manager.  Another frustrating experience.  

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