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Turquoise artifacts

Andrew West

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I am in desperate need of some help and hope that someone out there has seen this issue.  I have  a huge project that is due Monday and the program just started glitching out on me.  Everything was rendering just fine in test images and then suddenly my whole render image went turquoise blue.  I restarted the program and the color came back to normal but now many of my materials have weird turquoise blue artifacts.  I restarted my computer several times and each time the image is different and corrupted.  It is worth noting that the only thing I changed in my model was the addition of two people that are scene files.  They do not have lights associated with them.  Anyone else ever have this issue?  Is there anyone other than Justin and I even using V-ray? 

Thanks for any help you can offer



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As suggested, please check if the Frame buffer Force Color Clamping option is on. If so disable it. Does this help?
Forces color clamping in the V-Ray VFB. Click and hold left mouse button to display the clamped colors in the V-Ray VFB.

Save the image from the frame buffer. Does the artifact exist in the saved image?

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