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Cylindrical mapping problems

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Does anyone else find it difficult to use the Cylinder mapping method?  In v.6 and earlier, it was really pretty easy to map using the Cylinder mode, with helpful snaps and easy size adjustments in the mapping window.  Now, I feel like it's a guessing game of numbers, just trying to get the mapping close.  I don't have to use it often, but when I do, I dread it to the point, it's easier to launch v.6, map in there and then reopen it in v8.  

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I find the texture mapping, in general, a little wonky.  When it works, it works well.  But when it doesn't work, it's really frustrating.


I have found that going between "Edit on Face" and "Edit in 3D" can have its perks as opposed to using just one option.  Also, turning off snaps can help with stubborn texture placement. 

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I have worked in (4) 3D apps and I find FZ's mapping to be the worst. 

Yes, the cylinder map is sketchy at best.

The entire "decal" map thing need to be scrapped as well. 

Having to go into that archaic little workspace, and then not being able to see the map until it's rendered is pitiful.

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(I wasnt sure if I should start a new topic or join on to the end of this one..)


The problem I'm finding with cylinders and texture maps is when I reopen the model after saving - the cylinder has lost it's texture or the texture has moved.


This mostly happens on cylinders and I've found myself having to draw a curved surface of a similar radius infront of the cylinder and texture map that instead.


I also lose texture maps when I've allocated them to single plane surfaces on a multiple faced object or an object that has a curved section within it.]


Is it just me? I've only noticed this since moving to V8

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