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Bo Atkinson

Poser8 to formZ

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Does anyone know the method to get Poser8 to generate basic, low resolution, human anatomy?


I tried everything available in menus, without getting options for basic human anatomy.What did i miss?


I just need to pose various human postures to import to formZ  (for ergonometric fitting to product design).
What i get now in Poser8  is a ridiculously chesty android with motorized hips. Several versions earlier, Poser had simple human forms as default, for good exports. Characters, clothing, hair  and whatnot are not needed, just basic, human forms.
I bought this version 8 in 2011 and never got around to using it until just now... I can't afford anything newer.
I'm trying to use it with Mac OSX 10.9.5.  My earlier versions of Poser were for pre-intel Macs.
(Dust off and start up a pre intel Mac, no, please...)
Any insights would be very much appreciated.
With Thanks.

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You might look at Daz3D. The software is free, but they charge for additional content.

Not sure what is included with the basic program (I've not used it) but maybe you could get a simple posable figure for cheap.


Beware the "fantasy" angle is even worse than Poser...

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I've used DAZ3D quite a bit. It has some very nice features especially for free. 

The newer figures have multiple "levels of detail" that allow for relatively low poly exports.

In the model library there are a couple oi pre-made figures with business clothes, hair, etc. that can be used for basic pose and modeling but they are pretty limited.


The basic Genesis figures might be enough for you especially if you buy a set of casual clothes (<$10?) 


The export can be a bit tedious to set up but once I had it working it was pretty quick.

The biggest problem is materials, I typically used OBJ files for the export from DAZ and the material came in with whacked out values for roughness. Somewhere I wrote a script for FormZ to reset the values to ones better for FormZ.


And Rich is right Dont go to Daz3D if you are worried about scantily clad buxom fantasy women on your screen at work.

The flip side is that there is a TON of cheap models of furniture and props and animals that can be brought into FormZ cheap, much cheaper than Turbosquid. 


let me know if you need help





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Daz3d sounds like a good tool, if needed…  


I finally did find an additional bar of buttons in Poser8 which fleshes out the bodies and provides some limited, simplistic clothing…  Many caveats though….  Once clothed the movement of limbs became limited to unnatural body contortions. Simpler postures became unadjustable when clothed…   Also resolution simplification was not available for clothing.  Nude figures do meshed down, easily, to minimal facets and look properly technical and not provocative...


If i had lots of  human ergonometric modeling work, i would try Daz3d ,   but it takes me too long to set up work flows with these aps.


 It is interesting to learn that human body geometries are reaching the level of "cheap tools".


Thanks for the insights, much appreciated.



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Daz3d is a very good option (for free)


It exports very good clean .obj models (never had any problems with textures).... you can also get the decimator plug-in (mesh reduction) for about $50 (its currently on offer)


I have used Daz3d for distant bike riders and car drivers....works fine.


Check out their site or just google search for decimator......(there is also a poser version)

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