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  1. rich f

    formZ needs a SketchUp Exporter

    The best route I have found so far is via OBJ (the simlab plugin is $80 - seems like $ well spent...?) http://www.simlab-soft.com/3d-plugins/OBJ_Importer_For_Sketchup-main.aspx That said the texture mapping is not ideal, I have to go through each material in SKP and increase the mapping size by a factor of 12. Once I change that, objects generally end up mapped correctly. Maybe changing the FormZ units prior to export could fix that but I haven't experimented with it enough yet. That said, a more direct export would certainly be welcome.
  2. rich f

    FBX export... let's discuss

    For what it's worth I still model primarily in 6.7.3, all faceted solids, no smooth objects. Which is fine for architecture but I realize probably not ideal for all industries. The models that FormZ exports via .dwg or .fbx (intermediate step through v8) import perfectly into Rhino, Sketchup, 3dsMax - I've had users comment on how clean the geometry is. SKP works better with "acis" checked on .dwg export, Rhino likes it better with "acis" unchecked. The only problem I have is that .fbx will not save out layers no matter what options I check.
  3. rich f

    FBX export - no layers

    We are using Enscape for real-time rendering and VR. It runs in Revit, Rhino, and Sketchup. FBX to Sketchup should essentially be a one-click pipeline to VR from FormZ. (using Simlab FBX import for SKP.) It would be nice to keep the layers for model organization, turning options on/off etc. Yes 3DS, OBJ, FBX all come through with textures, but none of them keep layers regardless of the grouping options. FBX and OBJ geometry looks relatively clean. Trying to confirm with Auto-des-sys that FBX (and maybe OBJ) -should- be exporting layers, and if so, is it a bug that is being addressed...?
  4. Trying to get textured models to 3DSMax and/or Sketchup. FBX generally works but no layers come through regardless of what export options are checked. Exporting as .dwg keeps the layers, but obviously loses materials. Anything I am missing here or is this expected behavior? Thanks! (I feel that this has been covered in the past, but the forum requires more than 3 letter terms to search - so searching for "fbx" does not work....)
  5. Thanks for the fix, I saw this bug and figured it would be the end of 6.7.... Can I request one other fix? Ever since 10.10, the standard pick icon - "+" crosshair - won't change with the background color. I generally work with a dark background, which is tough when the cursor is black. It should switch to white when the background is dark. Not sure if that is a simple resource/icon fix, or a deeper OS thing....
  6. Get the 1080Ti. Quadro has better support for professional applications - Autodesk, for example, won't technically support software running on GTX cards. Not worth it unless you have a really specific need.
  7. rich f

    Future of Formz

    Maybe it is only due to a lack of being updated, but as far as the logo - kudos to FormZ for not jumping on the "flat" design bandwagon. In terms of interface design - Revit, Rhino, and Sketchup are nothing to aspire to. But then I still prefer the simple B&W icons from 6.7.... (ironically the original "flat" design - lol.)
  8. This is not the case in 6.7.3. 12 cores are faster. It was a bug that appeared sometime around V7 and fixed in later versions of 8. I use 6.7.3 in Mavericks 10.9.5 and there is a bug when rendering with "set image size" that is avoidable. My experiments with versions beyond that have introduced other issues that are more problematic. 10.9 should be a big step up from 10.8 for your banking issues, but it is already lagging behind the latest Safari and I don't expect Apple will support it much longer. Whatever you do I would highly suggest just buying a new SSD to install the new OS on. Maybe start with the latest 10.12 and see how things work for you, if you have problems wipe the drive and step down to 10.11, etc.
  9. FormZ performance has always been kid of laggy on how it handles large numbers of objects.... one old trick is to disable undo before you undertake such an operation. That can help tremendously in certain situations. Be sure to save first in case you don't like the result or need to force quit. In addition I've long had a habit of making sequential saves fairly often. If you are merging a large file the "add to project" option can be faster than copy/paste. (delete what you don't need from the first project, save a temp file and add that to the second project.)
  10. rich f

    FormZ with remote desktop

    FWIW I tried remoting from another PC (Win7, quadro card w/older drivers) to the 1070 PC, same results. If you find a setup that does work please let me know. Thanks!
  11. rich f

    FormZ with remote desktop

    Remote from Macbook with 750m to desktop with 1070. Mac is running bootcamp. Both machines on Win10. Just loaded latest nvidia 373.06 on both. As mentioned on the prior thread, if FormZ is already running on the remote machine, it works fine. But if I try to launch it I get - "openGL 3.2 or later is required" - then - "Unable to create Core Profile OpenGL..." then quits.
  12. Does anyone have experience with using FormZ (8.5.x) on Windows via remote desktop? I get an OpenGL error and the program won't launch. I will also note that Sketchup refuses to launch. All Autodesk stuff works fine. Old FormZ (6.7) works fine. I expect OpenGL by definition can't work remotely, so is there a setting or workaround for this? I'm not trying to do a ton of work remotely, but sometimes I need to be able to at least open a file and make minor adjustments. eidt: so I searched after I posted... http://forums.formz.com/index.php?/topic/4137-issue-with-remote-desktop-workflow/ Ztech, are you saying that remote desktop works fine for you? Have you tested it?
  13. V6 was fine with multi-core on Mac. The bug was introduced some time after that, and fixed in the most recent versions as mentioned by tech. Curious what OS are you running? I've had some issues beyond Mavericks with V6. You should at the very least download a temp monitor and compare to other similar machines. That way you can tell if your machine is operating normally or if there is something else wrong. I like the forums at macrumors for a resource. Apple tends to let the chips run hot before ramping up the fans, and the dual 3.46 is technically beyond what the chassis was designed for. Though it should shut down before there is a problem.
  14. rich f

    importing studio max

    If it is something you can upload here people are generally pretty helpful with file translations.
  15. rich f

    FBX import doesn't

    I have also not had much luck with .fbx files. I have emailed support a dropbox link to some files I was playing with recently - they are just free models from turbosquid (attached jpg for reference.) They all have displaced objects when imported to FormZ. To be fair, they import the same way into Rhino. But they import more correctly into 3dsMax. Given the "free" origin I understand it isn't possible to account for the quality of the original export. But obviously Max is seeing the file differently. Between the obj and the max formats I was able to cobble together some working textured models. But having a reliable functioning fbx import/export with textures would go a long way toward keeping FormZ relevant in our workflow here.