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FZ8 select by normals, still no way?

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anyone can help me: i want to adjust all normals with shown 'normals' vector to the same direction. the old scripts 'select similar normal' does not work anymore (also not in last FZ7 versions, at least here on mac - i downloaded latest script version from FZ web site) and there is no way in FZ8 to select by active attribute. any tips?


my solution (again!) will probably need to export the gemetry to lightwave modeler and continue work over there. this was easy to solve with the scripts in the past, why are the last versions of FZ so limitating?


screenshot: 2015-05-21%20at%2020.51.png

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Hi Markus,


Yes, formZ Lab is working on updating these older scripts.  One way you could Unify the Normals now would be to Extrude these perpendicular to the plane, and then derive the bottom faces from the extrusions if you wanted...

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It would be nice to have some of the old Extensions updated to work in V8.


What you need to do is possible but takes a few steps.


Select all

Derive 3D Tool (Some of the shapes will extrude up and some will extrude down depending on the normals)

Select all the ones going up, Reverse Direction Tool on them

Select the faces (ones in the original position)

Derive 2D Tool them.








Haha Tech beat me by 2 minutes!


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