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FZ 8.0.2 point selection in wireframe mode is extremely slow/lagged!


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FZ 8.0.2 point selection in wireframe mode is extremely slow/lagged, what could be the reason? i have an imported mesh with a few hundreds of points. when selecting with rubber band  in point selection mode (wireframe  shading) i get about 4-5 points highlighted then FZ hangs for about a minute before all selected points appear to be highlighted. same happens in line mode, btw.


OSX 10.9.5, nvidia gefore 780 gtx with 3G of VRAM, nvidia web driver latest version.




and a minute later





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Hi Markus,


We are able to select ~10,000 points in a matter of seconds:


attachicon.gifScreen Shot 2015-02-17 at 11.05.50 AM.jpg


If you reboot your computer, does that fix it for you?


If not, what do you mean by "nVidia web driver" installed?


i'm using the driver for OSX by nvidia because of better performance and CUDA compatibility. it has a better performance than the standard OSX driver. for the card i am using, it is recommended to use this driver.








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sure, i did several optimizing tests here, but it seems not solve the slow selection issues... i sent the unoptimized version to you in order to show you the original imported geometry from the OBJ. i don't know why FZ often has issues with imported OBJ models whereas no ther of my 3D apps have any...

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