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Can we get default planes back?


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It used to be that if you activated any projection view, be it top or sides, the reference plane would change accordingly. I know there are times that is convenient to keep a custom reference plan active while you look at projection views, but I think we should have the option to turn this off. Most often I turn projection views on so I can move an object on the default ground or vertical plane. I do this so I can visually align my object, face, etc., with objects in the background.


Anyone else agree with me?

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Hi Allan,


1.  If you choose a Projection View via key shortcut, or from the view menu, then the plane should change accordingly.


2.  If you choose a pre-saved projection view from the view palette, then it does not -- but it probably should change the plane there too.


1 is working properly for you, and you are requesting 2, right?

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