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Form Jr - Show controls option no longer available


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Is it me or did the update to 8.0.2 also remove the 'right click on an object with the Pick tool to see the pop up dialog' function?


I'm sure I used to be able to right click an object, a pop up would appear and then I could choose 'show controls' to tweak the size of a primitive object. That seems to have vanished, right clicking with the pick tool does nothing.


Umm, help please!

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No, it wouldn't work after restart. I tried resetting the preferences too but alas that has zero effect either. I'm running it on an iMac using OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion).


I'll try it on my other Mac running Yosemite next to see if this is an error specific to this older OS.


UPDATE: Yes, it works just as it should on the newer OS X 10.10.1


Right click is definitely active on the older Mac, I can still CMD+Right Mouse and rotate objects. It's just the pop-up dialog that's vanished.

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