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  1. Please, can anyone tell me, in simple terms, how I go about importing a vector logo (very simple) into FormZ that can then be extruded as a solid. I've read through the manual and searched online but cannot find a successful answer to this. I use Adobe CC, the latest version, nothing I save as an .ai file can be imported into FromZ (on a Mac). Thanks, David.
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman! I still can't figure this 'Just select all and choose Shaded = Yes' advice and I'm trying to do this import business again. My pick tool only has two options. http://prntscr.com/jfqx7o If I select all, where do I select shaded 'Yes' - some of the advice given in this forum assumes the user knows every single details of an application, I use about thirty different applications in my day to day work, I cannot learn every single aspect of each one (try as I may). Where is this 'shaded' option please? If it helps, please provide the menu and options ie. top menu bar/ edit/ unlock groups which will at least give me a chance to locate the options that are being referenced. Thanks in advance. To be clear, all I wish to do is import the Adobe Illustrator paths, which appear in formz as outlines, and convert these to faces that can be extruded.
  3. I'm not sure if it's the latest update but for months I've had problems with boolean operations, splitting surface faces, general, basic modeling. Perhaps, I'm doing something wrong but I never used to have the amounts of weird surface problems, bad booleans, objects that won't allow a suface to be extended (just simple, two blocks, joined with a boolean or a simple cube, split face and extended). Nothing seems to work. Can I upload a file to be reviewed here? I just want to add to the building layer to the group 3 in this project. I cannot get this to work and it's making my work so stodged with errors that I'm considering a different modeling product altogether. Does Formz work correctly on a Mac? Is it tested thoroughly? Anyone else having these issues? Thanks in advance.
  4. This is my new "clean" file. It all seems okay. edinburgh project3-1.fmz.zip
  5. Vielen dank vva, I think the real issue is a corruption in a legacy file I've been taking elements from for a while. I just remodeled that shape in a NEW file and everything works as it should, as soon as I copy an element from the suspected file everything goes screwy again, drag and drop (push pull) creates errors, extra faces, just a list of general problems with object geometry. I look at the file you linked to , not sure where to find the reverse tool or set layer though or the context in which you suggest using them?
  6. Actually, I'm starting think this is somehow file corruption. I've now opened a brand new file and started to remodel this shape and things work as expected. It's almost as if the more you work on a file and save it the more errors get embedded, to the point that the objects become unworkable? This is odd.
  7. Here's the file (hopefully)... edinburgh project3.fmz.zip
  8. Hi, not sure what I've done here? When creating a primitive object before (such as a cube) I could click 'show controls' and then dynamically resize the object using the 'handles' in each plane. Now when I do that all I can do is drag the object around and reposition it. How do I get the resize feature back please? I've gone through the manual trying every combination of 'show control', 'resize' etc but nothing explains how this is turned on/off. Coupled to this the little arrows at the end of the controls no longer highlight. Any help appreciated (probably quite simple). Thanks.
  9. dmuller

    form·Z pro 8.5 released!

    Will this be a free upgrade for users of 8.0.2 (I have only just bought my licence about 5 months ago)? Regards, David.
  10. DWG seems a tidier way to import - thank you, it's shame the fill and void areas are still not recognised honoured though, in a complex vector file this is a pain to edit before use in FormZ. Is there a way to preserve this information at all?
  11. Thank you, yes, sort of. I can import a DWG but then I am unable to create a polygon faced object that can be extruded. Perhaps I need to go back and try again. What happens at the moment is that the object is imported with a black surface (which makes it hard to read where the polygon boundaries are) and all the holes are also filled with polygons so that a simple extrude is impossible. I have to extrude the various parts individually then boolean parts from other parts and finally extrude the surfaces I want and then take a slice through to create a useable surface. Really long winded. Cheetah 3D on a Mac is a doddle by comparison as each vector shape create a new layer that you can assign polyplane too AND crucially, it recognises and honours the original fill and void in a shape. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I'm still very much on a learning curve with FormZ and have recently upgraded from Jr. to Pro to enjoy all the additional features. My modelling is definitely improving all the time however there are some things I still struggle with and one of those is the ubiquitous missing faces/ holes which throw up all sorts of errors when trying to further model. I've tried using the Object Doctor but understand that it isn't a panacea for all modelling ills. So, I turn to the greater FormZ community to lend a hand and try and explain how I go about fixing this particular problem. The file is attached. Or can be downloaded here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qyuv4tpo09wcr3e/AAA5gkfEo7fdybQ9s2ICa8lha?dl=0 Inside you should find a small but complex box. At the front of this, just above the sweeping face that is above the protruding tube is a series of unwanted faces in the model, they're embedded inside the shape (I can see that buy using the clipping planes) but simply deleting it causes all sorts of knock-on effects, none of them desirable! It manifests itself a a short, horizontal line in the containing face. How, do I go about removing these and tidying this shape up to become a solid model again? Help is greatly appreciated!
  13. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    I've just managed to fix this by chopping 5mm off the end, making a new cyclinder 5mm long and adding a taper to the end of that, then aligning the rotation of the faces and a boolean to join the two. Odd that this appeared on the first attempt though, I was REALLY meticulous this time round.
  14. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    I went ahead and remade that obj. from the ground up, paying particular attention to what you advised. That was good advice and something I will take with me. The results are much better, no problems faces or zero length doodads. However, I have one issue and that is at the front of the circular tube. One export as an STL FormZ adds a face that isn't present on the model, I've tried all sorts to try and fix that but have drawn a blank. Any chance you could have one more look please? Thanks, David. cube.fmz.zip
  15. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    I'm a fan of lazy fixes. I just drew a horizontal line and sliced the top parallel. Job done!
  16. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    Oh, that's not good. Is it fixable do you think?
  17. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    Actually, what you suggested worked, kind of. I managed to zoom right in, grab that face and reshape upward. This left a tiny artefact on the left (minute). I was unable to reshape, extrude or delete this so I simply created a bigger shape over the top and used the boolean tool to erase it. Then just reshaped the exterior faces back to the original shape. Fingers crossed it will export okay.
  18. dmuller

    Unwanted faces, help with removal

    Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. Yes, I noticed the issues with uploading also. That isn't quite what I wanted, also, the resultant shape you provided does not allow those faces to be reshaped any longer, so I cannot drag a face across to close the gap. The actual result I wanted to achieve is to simply remove that thin face completely and close the surface, keeping the same shape and flow as desired. I appreciate your help though.
  19. Hello, hopefully one of the FormZ stars can assist me. I'm trying to go from an absolute square cube, to a round cylinder in one smooth transition. The cube needs to be a fixed size, say 50mm on all sides, the cylinder needs to be 40mm diameter and 50mm long, they need to form one solid object so that a hole can be cut through the centre of each. It needs to be a smooth transition (rounded) so that my 3D printer can build the transition slowly to avoid stringing etc. I have tried creating each object separately, applying a subdivision to the cube to form a smoothed circular extension, however it never forms a perfect circle and so cannot be seamlessly join to the cylinder. Is this possible to achieve (it must be). Bear in mind I only have a licensed version of FormZ Jr. so certain features are not available to me.
  20. Okay, this didn't 'look' the way I had imagine it would, but this solution works perfectly and, indeed, prints very well! Good job!
  21. Wow! Prompt response - thank you. I didn't know about this function (but will research it some more and have a play as an aside), however, it doesn't acheive what I'm trying to do. The cyclinder needs to sit inside another tube, the cube shape will hold an electronic pcb board (which is square) onto which is a CCD camera and lens. So the transition between cube and cyclinder needs to occur over a reasonably short distance. Say 5-10mm. It needs to be a smooth concave transition as the 3D printer doesn't bridge very well, however, if the bridge between two right angle surfaces is rounded then the layers can be built up gradually with each outer layer being supported by the preceeeding layer as it prints. It needs to pretty much look like the smoothed thumbnail I posted.
  22. Is it me or did the update to 8.0.2 also remove the 'right click on an object with the Pick tool to see the pop up dialog' function? I'm sure I used to be able to right click an object, a pop up would appear and then I could choose 'show controls' to tweak the size of a primitive object. That seems to have vanished, right clicking with the pick tool does nothing. Umm, help please!
  23. Okay, I quit the application and restarted and the pop up has returned. Seems resetting to defaults worked - you just have to quit out and restart to apply that fix. Thanks, Rob!
  24. No, it wouldn't work after restart. I tried resetting the preferences too but alas that has zero effect either. I'm running it on an iMac using OS X 10.8.5 (Mountain Lion). I'll try it on my other Mac running Yosemite next to see if this is an error specific to this older OS. UPDATE: Yes, it works just as it should on the newer OS X 10.10.1 Right click is definitely active on the older Mac, I can still CMD+Right Mouse and rotate objects. It's just the pop-up dialog that's vanished.
  25. Hi, I'm relatively new to FZ having played with the Jr version over the last month. A couple of things strike me from watching the tutorial videos and I'm not sure if these are not showing up due to the limitations of Jr over the full version. 1. I do not get any automated guides when creating shapes. I have to rely on using manually placed guides only. 2. I do not see the drawing grid on any primitives surfaces I create, so the snapping to a surface is not a default. Is this a limitation of Jr (formerly Bonzai). Regards, David.