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Shadow study issue


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I recently switched from Formz 6 to 8


1.jpg shows settings for sun study in Formz8 and 2.jpg shows settings in 6.6 – resulting shadow is shown in shadow.jpg.


Both are same file, with Vancouver Canada as location and Autumnal Equinox (with DST Set) for date, time Noon.

V8 shows Altitude as 48.37 & Azimuth as 18.44 from South

V6.6 shows Altitude as 39.36 & Azimuth as 21.22 from south


Is this discrepancy a bug or am I doing something wrong? Does anyone know what values should be for this time and date and location?


I emailed support as well. Time is critical so quick info is appreciated.


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I've just compared V8.0.1 with v6.7.3 side by side and I can't see any discrepancies, but that is not to say that a file created in v6 and then opened in v8 won't give problems. But just to be sure, I would create a new sun and delete the old one. There may be a translation thing going on.

I've compared multiple cities and all match up.

As Dennis says, support will help you out better when they get back.




post-16-0-58542500-1417163169_thumb.jpg post-16-0-17922500-1417163171_thumb.jpg


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Hi Gwyn,


We already replied to your other thread on the same subject.  If you are still having any issues, please send the .FMZ file so we can help.  And please only post once per topic to prevent duplication of effort...

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