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Incase anyone else is having trouble with Match View, FZ support got back to me with fixes.

My background image was always rotated 180 degrees: the image was using an unusual colour profile & once converted it works fine. 

The Match View tool would always close after selecting the first point: turn off the Return To Pick tool.

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One of my main jobs is to match views to photos but I only use the Match View tool sometimes. When I take the photos I use a Garmin GPS and in conjunction with Google earth, mapping of the area and some reference photos of where the photo was taken from. And using the EXIF data from the image I can put the camera settings into the view (Maxwell camera).

I do however find that the Match View tool works well to give me a starting point to align views when I don't have all the info. So I mostly use it for setting up aerial views (aerial photographers never give me the altitude!) then tweak it in Edit Cone of Vision. I also model in some "anchors" of known elements (for example, existing light poles etc.) which help me to align the view and set the angle of the view. If there is a survey with 3d data, then the job becomes much easier. As I use a standard 50mm lens, most of my views end up between 62 & 65 degrees depending on the distance.

Hope you don't mind me mentioning this process as it doesn't really answer your query (glad you got it sorted btw). It'd be nice if the Match View tool and the Edit Cone of View could be refined some more to help with accuracy.

Regards, Des

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