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  1. cobrien

    Materials not visable

    Thanks Des & Justin. I think the main problem is everything was saved on C drive on my old PC & my new one has the OS/programs on C & data on D drive. For some reason FZ will find the correct file path for Shaded view, D:\Work Files\... but for V-ray it will search C:\Work Files\... or vice versa! Justin, I'll give your Save a Copy As... suggestion a go, thanks.
  2. cobrien

    Materials not visable

    Thanks Des. You were right about the people models, the shaded transparency was set to 100%. I'm not sure how this happens it's opening fine on my old system. This model is doing the opposite, it's finding the right files for the Shaded view but using the wrong files for the v-ray render. The files it's using have the same name but are pulled from random folders.
  3. cobrien

    Materials not visable

    Hello, I'm having a bit of trouble with materials since moving to a new PC. I'm assuming it's something to do with the file search paths but it's got me stumped. When opening files created on my old PC some materials don't show up in Shaded view. They render fine in the VFB so it's finding the files?? If I select a different file in the Material Parameters then change back to origional file it shows up (like the counter below). Its no bother for the model below but pretty annoying for one with dozens of materials. If I re-link all materials, some that show fine in Shaded view won't show up in Edit Cone of Vision. This doesen't really matter but I thought I'd mention it. Some objects no matter what I do I cant get to render in shaded view, like the people below. Old & new systems have the same FZ & v-ray 3 Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. cobrien

    Imager - v-ray settings

    Hello, Does anyone know if the latest fz/v-ray beta fixes the v-ray settings in Imager problem? Also can you generate 360 objects with v-ray yet? Thanks.
  5. I've been wondering why my file sizes are so big with v9.1 & have realised it's saving the image textures with the model. As an example, I have a file with 6 people models in it (that I copy & paste into other models) that's 155mb. If I colour them all white & delete the image texture materials it's 40mb. If I back save to v6.5 the same file with or without the image textures is 33mb. I assume my older version draws on the same image no matter which model that object is in. Is there a way to make v9.1 do the same?
  6. cobrien

    Projector lights

    Thanks Justin & Allan. Adding the logo file as the texture works perfectly, I don't know how I was messing it up the other day!
  7. cobrien

    Projector lights

    Thanks Justin, I did try that but without any luck. I'll have another play with it. I'm trying to simulate a gobo light projecting over an exhibition stand
  8. cobrien

    Projector lights

    Hello, I need to show a logo projected across a few objects in a model I'm working on & can't work out how to do it with v-ray. In renderzone there is the 'projector' light type, is there a similar option in v-ray I'm missing? Cheers.
  9. cobrien


    Thanks John & Justin. The offline licensing option is good to know, that will come in handy in the future.
  10. cobrien


    Hello, is it correct that FZ & V-ray need to contact the mothership everytime they are opened? I'm about to spend a couple of days working from a clients office & don't really want to connect to their network.
  11. cobrien

    Graphics Cards

    Hello, I think my graphics card has packed it in. What should I be looking for when searching for a new one, will a card advertised as suitable for gaming be suitable for FZ & V-Ray? Cheers.
  12. cobrien

    Mesh lights

    Thanks Justin, I haven't had much of a play with emitter lights yet but I will. Other than the little box I've been enjoying mesh lights, it's one of the few things that doesn't take me longer to do than v6!
  13. cobrien

    Mesh lights

    Hi Justin, I do sometimes hide them but I like to keep them visible so they move with the objects they are associated with. I've just been working on a model that has a counter with a led strip light around the base (mesh light). I like to keep the light visible so when I move the counter it goes with it. For some reason when I created the mesh light it put the little box with x in it 9m in front of the light & 3m higher. If you select the mesh light & zoom to selection it zoom's to the little box rather than the light.
  14. cobrien

    Mesh lights

    Hello, Does anyone know if you can get rid of the little boxes that accompany v-ray mesh lights? Or at least have them centered to the mesh light? I'm forever grabbing them when selecting other things & accidently moving lights around. You also zoom to them rather than the light when you zoom to selected object.