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Loss of hand tool shortcut


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With my new Mac Book Pro M2Max computer running Ventura 13.2 and form.z 9.2.4 I have lost the shortcut to the pan tool. The most basic navigation function is to use the center scroll wheel to zoom, and the center button to pan. The zoom tool works, but I seem to have lost the pan tool. This is with a Logitech mouse and I've gone in to make sure that there are no other shortcuts set to the middle button, just middle button. On my previous Intel Mac it was not an issue with this mouse. Is this part of the issue with the Apple chips?

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I have been using a Mac mini M1 with a Logitech Mx Master 3 for Mac for a while without problems. I use the three basic buttons only, not the others, and I use the central/wheel for panning and zooming.

The easy answer

Looking at my shortcut settings, the Pan tool with the hand symbol doesn't have a shortcut assigned. However, the answer could be in the Key Shortcuts Manager, under View and Interactive View Navigation, and then set to "single click, middle" the Hand Interactive shortcut. I have it like that, and the middle mouse button works well set this way with the Logitech wifi receiver and Bluetooth from macOS 13.4.

Expanding a little further

As a result of your post, I checked, and apparently, I no longer have the Logitech software installed to control and customize the mouse. I'm referring to the application, not the wifi utility. I use my mouse with the wifi receiver, and searching on my Mac, I found a Logitech Options folder with Logitech Unifying Software.app and other files. Although, I get the impression that I didn't even activate it after upgrading my Mac to Ventura because running it doesn't show that my mouse is linked. I'm guessing it just works because it comes installed with the latest operating systems, so you don't need to run the Logitech utility to install it and do the linking, or because I previously installed and linked it with Big Sur and when I upgraded to Ventura I already had it installed. I don't know and don't even remember. Also, in my Mac System Settings, there's no Logi app running, and the Activity Monitor doesn't show any Logitech software in use.

Lately, they have been upgrading their software, and now they have a platform called Bolt, in addition to Logi, and not long ago, they released the new version after an extended beta period. That could explain why I uninstalled their software. I tried the beta version and the final release and didn't like it: too much noise, marketing, and, in the end, nothing new for Mac users. I don't need the extra buttons too.

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Are you missing it from fZs menu?

You can set the app to read the middle button directly, without depending on the mouse software.

Got Edit:Key Shortcuts.

Left hand column, scroll to the bottom look for the "View" list item.  as a member of this list item, there is the "Navigation Tools" item.  Select it.

Now, in the middle column, Look for the "Hand" item.    Add a shortcut and a new popup dialog will show up.. (continued below the picture.)




The default selection here will probably be on keystroke, change it to Mouse Click and what button you want it to act on.  Add your modifier buttons as you wish.



Hope this helps!!!





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Well, in formZ, there are two "pan" tools.

One is the Hand tool you're showing in your screenshots, Chris, with a hand icon in the Navigation Tools palette. The other is the Hand Interactive, which is "the pan tool" I'm talking about, and probably Rick is referring to.

The difference is that the Hand remains active when you select it, and the Interactive Hand, as its name says, interacts with other tools while temporarily activated through a shortcut; for example, with the middle mouse button.

If you try in Key Shortcuts Manager / View / Interactive View Navigation / Hand Interactive / adding "Mouse Click, Single Click, Middle" shortcut (central mouse button), and it works... then that's the solution Rick is looking for.

As I said before, Logitech has been updating its apps (drivers) lately, and depending on which app Rick is using is difficult to know if there could be an issue with his Logitech mouse.


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