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Unable to generate high-res RenderZone output in Cubic Panorama

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Hello, I have a aircraft cockpit model that I created that I need to render as a Cubic Panorama for a web-based interactive. If I attempt to generate a:

  • image resolution: 6000px
  • Six individual images
  • format: .PSD or .JPG

with RenderZone settings of:

  • Antialiasing: On
  • Supersampling: High

It creates a 6000px image but the resolution is artificially low; each "pixel" is actually 3x5 pixels. The posted image is the RenderZone output on the left with the full shaded on the right. This is expanded in Photoshop to show the pixel boundaries.

How can I get a set of full resolution Renderzone images? Thanks in advance!   Matt


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I haven't used RenderZone in quite a while since VRay came out but I have some ideas.

What are your display options set at?  If you crank up the DPI to 300, it may fix it for you. I remember having to do this with render zone to get clean lines sometimes.

Other thought I have is to render this for you in VRay using their panoramic camera option.

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I made a simple test on my Mac mini M1 16GB/1TB with JPGs 6kx6k RenderZone images and basic settings with Low Super Sampling and a default brick texture; just a couple of giant screws and some simple objects floating inside a 16' cube with a single directional light, plus some ambient light.

Though I can't confirm because my test is super simple and light, without overloading my Mac, it worked fine, as you can see in the image.

The image is a crop, without resizing, of one of the six images that shows more detail (the shadows are from the floating objects).



Original image resized:


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