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Tips and Tricks by Users. Part 2 What you can't do in 2D

¢hris £und

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Hey all.  here is another in the line of tips and tricks.   What you can't do in 2D, maybe you can in 3D

This may be an obvious one, but just in case: Here is a situation where these two curves are derivatives of other objects, which in turn were other derivatives.


For the life of me, I cannot get these two to trim or break with one or the other.  It is just being stubborn.  


Both curves are on the same plane and are flat to the plane.  But still no love for monica.

The trick here is to extrude them equally perpendicular to their common plane.


Once this is done, then you can do your trim.  Or, in this case, I used the S-Split



Assuming you are not looking for the extruded shapes this creates, but rather the trimmed curves... Select, Copy and paste the curves back to the project.  Remove the extrusions




Hope this helps at least someone down the line.


Be well

¢hris £und

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