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Exporting to KMZ


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Hi!  I tried exporting a very simple model made in formZ Pro v.9.2.2 to *.kmz so that I could view it inside Google Earth.  I followed the instructions described in the manual but I keep getting an empty KMZ file (0 bytes).  Not sure what I am doing wrong so any ideas or suggestions will be very much appreciated.   Thank you.

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Many thanks for your reply and help, Des.  I tried it with v.8.6.5 which is the only other version of formZ that I have on my computer.  The model in the KMZ file that is created a) appears with different colors / materials in Google Earth and b) it is placed in different coordinates.

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It's a long time since I did that so not sure of the process and I'm not at my computer at the moment but I think the the textures need to be UV wrapped and also brought into Sketchup to get the model in the right place. That was back when the free version allowed the function but I think you may need a full SKP license to do it now. I could be wrong, maybe someone else could chime in?

FormZ used to have the function to bring in Google Earth terrains as well but I think it was stopped due to copyright. That was an amazing tool, I used to use it all the time. It was a real shame when it stopped.

Sorry I can't help.

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