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You probably need to add some details.

What OS are you using?   What is the error your getting? or are their any standout bits of information?  Probably, most of us here are using the full version. Even if we vary (rather wildly) on which version.  What I mean to say, is... I have no experience with the free version, and most here (I suspect) also do not.

But, if you can fill in details, we can at least try to help.  Short of that, you may want to contact tech support via email.  While they do chime in here and there, the forums are really user based, these days.

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I wrote to customer support but no answer, I use the program for many years and want to see if something change lately I am using windows 64 bit

and i have my version 8.5

double click on the installation setup does not doing nothing 


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