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  1. dubir

    FUSION 360

    Thank You
  2. dubir

    FUSION 360

    What is the best way to export models from FZ to Fusion 360? DXF not working so well
  3. dubir

    error ID -43:0

    Yes none can open
  4. dubir

    error ID -43:0

    Who can help me please? i cant open my files.
  5. dubir

    FORMZ curriculum

    Thank you Kim and Evan !
  6. dubir

    FORMZ curriculum

    Hi All I am running a maker space in my town. After many thoughts i Decided to teach FORMZ in my maker-space. Who can advise where i can find curriculum for my course? Thanks Dubi
  7. Hi High poly to low poly how can i do it in FORM Z? Thanks !
  8. dubir

    Which universities?

    Which universities in US teach FORMZ?
  9. dubir

    Component NOT update

    Thanks i will send a file
  10. When modify component in external library the component do not update in my file. I have embedded component in my file why? Thanks !!!
  11. dubir

    error message

    Hi Who know why i get the error?
  12. Hi I am using SpaceNavigator I move to new computer and i try to cancel the tilt in the advanced settings but it is not affect the FORMZ. How can i fix it?