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Auto Scroll Selection still not working correctly...

Justin Montoya

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I was told this had been fixed from 7, but the issue still exists in v8.


With Auto Scroll turned on, click to start a selection box and move it off screen to allow Auto Scroll to move and make a larger selection box.  Upon unclicking, and zooming out, it appears the original click point that defined the start of the selection box is lost, and so is the selection of everything except what remains visible on the screen after the Auto Scroll.  


Please advise.



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Hi Justin,


This should be fixed in general, but if you have a case where it is still not working properly, please send it in so we can see why that is not working properly.


Note that zooming while frame picking is not supported, but the Auto Scroll should be working...

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Please check again.  Draw cubes, then repeat move 10 copies so you have enough spread out.   Zoom in close to the first box, and start a selection box and drag to farthest copied box.   Instead of selecting all the boxes starting with the first, it only selects what is visible on the screen.


Auto Scroll is now working correctly in the Cone of Vision, unlike 7, so that's a good improvement.



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In process of remapping brain from fz6 to fz8.


And, one of the questions I have, is that what I called auto scroll does not seem to exist, either in practice or in the manual, though from above it must.


When I am creating an object, say a shape, and I draw toward the edge of my screen, it does not scroll to let me see parts of the drawing not in view.  I can pan and zoom to find it.


Just what have I missed?


8.00/osx 10.10.1





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