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  1. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    Thanks Justin. You have pointed me in a direction to explore further. I haven't spent much time with 9 and I did not realize the interface changes.
  2. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    I saw that. Did that. It did not save the tool shortcuts and seems to only save the shortcuts that were selected. Have you tried what you suggested?
  3. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    Many of my tools, things like pick, or move, or mirror, or create rectangle, many many, have key shortcuts made by me. They conveniently follow the shortcuts for similar 2D tools in Vectorworks. 8.6 to 9.01 and no more.
  4. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    I have shortcuts for tools on tool pallets and menus that I use often. Migrating from 8.6 to 9.01 and I no longer have them. I read the documentation about migrating key shortcuts, but it doesn't pull my tool shortcuts. Also it seems to only create files for items selected. Thanks, Donald
  5. Donald Wardlaw

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Here is another selection related option I'd like to see. Highlight color for objects that are positioned to select, that is the cursor is over and the object will select with a click, those objects I'd like to see in a different color from selected objects. Maybe like this: Cursor over object, but not yet formally selected, object highlights green. Object selected, object highlights red.
  6. Donald Wardlaw

    .fza and .fzb

    Often as project models evolve in new directions, I duplicate the formz file, give it a new version number, and set the old file aside. The last time I did this, (also duplicating the .fza and .fzb files), the .fzb and .fza files do not update, they remain as they were when duplicated. How can I get a new .fzb file linked to the current file I am working on? Thanks, Donald
  7. Donald Wardlaw

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Hi Justin, Thanks for you insights. I'll put them to good use. I'd still prefer to have paste replace selected object as the option, not the default. Donald
  8. Paste replaces selected object. I realize this is a tradition in formz, but it causes me to lose more time than just about anything. The reason is that it is very easy to inadvertently select an object, move the scene so that it is out of view, and then paste an object I want to paste. Then later I notice that some object I've modeled is not longer there. Happens to me a lot. In my opinion, this behavior should be a simple preference that can be on or off. Thanks, Donald
  9. Donald Wardlaw

    FormZ Mobile viewer Update?

    I just downloaded this app today. It is on a new iPad pro. I haven't used it enough to write a review, but first impression is that it is really cool. I hope ADS continues to keep this product alive and enhance it. The price at the apple store is perfect. Making formz models available to clients will I think put a smile on their face. I can see them sharing it with their friends. That would be valuable marketing for me.
  10. Donald Wardlaw

    Measure distance tool.

    Doh. Object snap were turned off. I'm just trying to show I guess, how you can use this program for 25 years and still make your dog look smart....
  11. Donald Wardlaw

    Measure distance tool.

    I've lost normal behavior of the measure distance tool. It is not properly catching the starting and ending points of a measurement. I get a value, but when I turn the view a bit I see it was running a measurement that looks like point to point, but were actually arbitrary points that were not in he plane of the points I was trying to measure. Used to work fine.
  12. Donald Wardlaw

    Basic Section Question

    It looks to me that when I cut a section, it permanently alters the model. And, it doesn't remember what the model was. So, sections must be done on duplicates of the model in order to retain the ability to continue working with the model. I'm surprised to see this approach. Maybe, I'm missing something? Would not be the first time. I see that I can keep the model objects if I ghost or keep operands. Is the the route to retaining the model? Keeping them results in overlay confusion. Ghosting allows me to keep them visually separate, but then the model I want might intermingle with other ghosts I do not want to unghost with the model. Thanks, Donald
  13. Donald Wardlaw

    FZ manual search

    When I go to the help menu, and select "Manual" it opens a web page with the index. If I hit the search tab, I get gibberish, as attached. FZ 8.57 OSX 10.11.6 Safari 10.1.2 3.tiff
  14. Donald Wardlaw

    Paste Behavior

    Thanks to both. I don't think, though, that industry standard for word processing, carries much weight with CAD. Vectorworks has never replaced the selected object if some other object is accidentally selected. To me it is more a question of what might we want to do. I do appreciate also the insight into managing the boolean operations. That is smart and I will up my game a bit there. Donald
  15. Donald Wardlaw

    Paste Behavior

    I'm not sure if this is my deficiency or formz's. If it is me there is probably some setting I need to know about. In my files, if I have an object selected, and I paste a new object, the previously selected object is deleted. I would like to be able to paste an object without a previously selected object being replaced. There are frequently situations where an object is used to trim other objects. That object is deleted by difference, but it is re-pasted for the next similar operation. Problem it that when I'm zoomed in, it is very easy to select another object accidentally, which then gets accidentally deleted. This seems to be more of a problem with recent versions of formz due to the enhanced selection capabilities, which I otherwise like. Donald