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  1. Donald Wardlaw

    scroll window during object creation

    Oh never mind. Yes I found it. Thanks.
  2. Donald Wardlaw

    scroll window during object creation

    Maybe. It looks like that feature is available in the windows version but not the mac version.
  3. Recently updated to 9.2 on Mac, Mojave. Maybe I am out of practice. I don't remember or can't see how when I'm creating an object, and I'm at a zoom level that works best, if I try to move the cursor that is creating the object beyond the window edges, the model space does not scroll to allow this. Correct? Thanks, Donald
  4. Donald Wardlaw

    Solar Shadow Study (animation)

    I wish the manual had a more straightforward step by step instruction on how to generate an animation of the sun on an architectural model. I can do it manually. I know how to get the sun in the right position, and how to make the position change with time and date. I know I can open the sun position pallets and set the parameters an export the file to an animation file. Where that is and how I get at it I do not know. Actually making such a basic animation is not well explained in my opinion. I have read the animation manual, and they never talk about using the sun as a moving light source. Donald
  5. Donald Wardlaw

    forms north

    Thanks Ztek. The difference between what you have and what I had was the time zone. I did not enter San Francisco. So the time zone showed as 12. When I added SF, it changes to 4 like yours, and everything looks about right now. That said, it looks like I do not understand what time zone means, and why when I put in longitude and latitude the time zone does not change to be correct. Appreciate the help, Donald
  6. Donald Wardlaw

    forms north

    I still find some difficulty with sun angle. On my drawing north is about 10 o'clock. I think that should be 90 +~61 or 151. At 12am the sun is shining and it is roughly from the south, and it is shining. I have entered the correct longitude and latitude, did not drop down the location choices. At noon, the sun is coming roughly from the north. And it is not shining. I have the sun visible on the drawing so I can see it is pointed the wrong way. Time zone says 12:00. I guess 0:00 is greenwich, so for Bay Area CA that seems about right. Any insight? Thanks, Donald
  7. Donald Wardlaw

    forms north

    Awesome. Thank you John and Ztek. Donald
  8. Donald Wardlaw

    forms north

    I'm doing my first shadow study. I see how to establish the location on earth. But where is north with respect to the orientation of my model? Like many sites that end up as backgrounds for layout, north is not straight up---it is off at some angle. Thanks, Donald
  9. Donald Wardlaw

    Srolling more screen into view.

    Thank you Justin.
  10. Donald Wardlaw

    Srolling more screen into view.

    I use a wacom, fz 9.1, macOS 10.14.6. i can't scroll to a part of the screen just beyond the edge when creating an object. I think it used to be different. If I am working with an underlay, and there are twists and turns that require me to be zoomed in, and then I need a zoomed out view to get at a point that is beyond the screen edge, I don't see a way to do this. Why doesn't dragging the cursor to the edge of the screen when creating an object bring what is beyond the edge into view? Thanks, Donald
  11. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    Thanks Justin. You have pointed me in a direction to explore further. I haven't spent much time with 9 and I did not realize the interface changes.
  12. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    I saw that. Did that. It did not save the tool shortcuts and seems to only save the shortcuts that were selected. Have you tried what you suggested?
  13. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    Many of my tools, things like pick, or move, or mirror, or create rectangle, many many, have key shortcuts made by me. They conveniently follow the shortcuts for similar 2D tools in Vectorworks. 8.6 to 9.01 and no more.
  14. Donald Wardlaw

    tool shortcuts

    I have shortcuts for tools on tool pallets and menus that I use often. Migrating from 8.6 to 9.01 and I no longer have them. I read the documentation about migrating key shortcuts, but it doesn't pull my tool shortcuts. Also it seems to only create files for items selected. Thanks, Donald
  15. Donald Wardlaw

    The formz change I would most like to see.

    Here is another selection related option I'd like to see. Highlight color for objects that are positioned to select, that is the cursor is over and the object will select with a click, those objects I'd like to see in a different color from selected objects. Maybe like this: Cursor over object, but not yet formally selected, object highlights green. Object selected, object highlights red.