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Vray Update 5.1

AHDD Designer

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Hello AutoDesSys

Thank you for the update to Vray version 5.1.
I immediately wanted to try out the decals function.
However, I had little success because I do not know how to use this function in Vray.

I tried the FormZ-Tool «Decals».
I am probably close, but the following does not seem to work:

The tiles of the decals are not shown correctly in the preview of the Decals-window.
At the very beginning the border of the instance flashes briefly and then disappears again.
And in the Vray-display-mode no decal appears either.

I have recorded a film about this.

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Just tried again myself and it doesn't work although in the vray preview of the decal window I did see a triangle of the decal appear but not in the final Vray render. Looks like it is broken...FormZ please advise!!

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3 hours ago, AHDD Designer said:

Sorry but I chose this way of communication because I suspect there are other users who have this problem or do not know how the decals work together with Vray. I have checked the settings as you pointed out above, but it still does not work.

First, be sure you are on the latest version of V-Ray for form•Z. If you click the Utility arrow in the bottom right corner of the VRay Settings palette, you should see the About VRay for formZ option. Select that to find the version you are on. If it isn't v.5.1.x, download and install V-Ray again from step 3 of the setup instructions.

If that doesn't work, please provide the file you are having issues with.

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Hello Tech

Of course I always try to install the latest update first.
FormZ and Vray on MacOS 10.14.6.
Additionally I post a few screenshots showing that the tiles are not drawn and the position between RenderZone and Vray is discrepant.

In addition, ManfredM's post above shows that the documentation is obviously not adequate and cannot be found (as it was by me).

3 hours ago, ManfredM said:

Can someone tell me where to find the tool "decal" and the window "decals".  FormZ 9.2  V-Ray 5.1

The fmz-File is in the ZIP-Archive.





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