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Enhanced "selection sets", or perhaps texture replace.


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1. I created an object with numerous faces, and used several different textures on the object.  Selecting and texturing the variousf faces took a bit of time.

2. Upon rendering the object I decided I wanted to swap-out one the textures with another. So I thought it might be possible to replace a texture with another. Apparently this isn't possible. How nice that would be without having to go through hassle of selecting each face again.

3. Then I thought maybe using  "selection set" for a selection of faces. Apparently the "selection sets"  works on with entire objects, not just faces, or points.  Also I haven't been able to locate in the manual how use  "selections sets".  I really miss a simple appendix; look up a word, and go to the page.  Now we have word searches, and 200 results to wade through.

4. How can I change the texture to multiple faces without having to select and texture each one individually. There must be a way.

5. Also it would be nice to select an object or a face, select the select the texture, right click and in a pull down menu select "apply texture".  Dragging and drop is okay, but it's kind of slow.


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Okay I found the assign material and choose selected faces with material in the pull down menu. Though this should be at the top of menu instead of the bottom.

With a line separating the options from create new material.  

Still a section set of faces or points would be cool.

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So you already created your other materials to swap right?  Select a new one you want to swap.

Now if you select a face, you can then right click and use the Select All with Same Materials function.  Now use the Paint Bucket (shortcut B helps!) tool and click again. 

You should have just replaced a texture with another on all the faces and objects you previously applied the other texture.

Does this do what you wanted? 

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