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Just Great!

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At this point I would like to mention one thing:

This Unreal technology is simply ingenious.
It's really interesting to be able to easily create an architectural model that you can walk through and share with non-professionals.
It's great that FormZ gives you this opportunity!

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I also thank ADS for Datasmith, it has been a great tool, and something myself and others asked for on the forum in the past. We've got DS. VRay5, and PowerCadd for the drafting asks we've seen. I think ADS has responded to requests with fulfillment. I appreciate this so much right now and look forward to how these things continue to improve and improve our working experiences.

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I'm very curious how ADS will implement PowerCadd. Ideally, it will simply replace the existing drafting/layout module, because It will not be popular as yet another $495 add-on. I also hope that it will be delivered without delay, by this coming northern summer, as promised.

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