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Donald Wardlaw

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By default, angle 0º is at 3:00 O'Clock (+X) and the North at 90º (+Y)... you can control the North position related to the location of the project in the Sun Position Palette under Palettes Menu... you can change the 0º if necessary in the Project Setting window under File Menu.



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I still  find some difficulty with sun angle.  On my drawing north is about 10 o'clock.  I think that should be 90 +~61 or 151.  At 12am the sun is shining and it is roughly from the south, and it is shining.  I have entered the correct longitude and latitude, did not drop down the location choices.  At noon, the sun is coming roughly from the north.  And it is not shining.  I have the sun visible on the drawing so I can see it is pointed the wrong way.  Time zone says 12:00.  I guess 0:00 is greenwich, so for Bay Area CA that seems about right.

Any insight?

Thanks, Donald

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Thanks Ztek.  The difference between what you have and what I had was the time zone.  I did not enter San Francisco.  So the time zone showed as 12.  When I added SF, it changes to 4 like yours, and everything looks about right now.

That said, it looks like I do not understand what time zone means, and why when I put in longitude and latitude the time zone does not change to be correct.

Appreciate the help,


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