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I "think" it is only Vray that actually has to have a signal in order to launch and run. Contact support perhaps for checking out VRay license. Also, main thing... sometimes I close and re-launch so fast for some reason the Vray won't load. Usually, this is not an issue, but recently I had one get by me and I started working on my file with Vray unloaded. Needless to say, I lost a little work going back to the .fzb. One time an .fzb saved my rear end. Just be careful running Z without a VRay license or make sure it's loaded before working. Standard cautious procedure, I suspect.

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FormZ shouldn't require it more than occasionally, and if it does, you could always turn on your phone hot spot feature to use your personal phone private network.  Same for VRay.

VRay also has an offline licensing option that will let you use VRay offline for up to 2 weeks.  This can also be handy if you have intermittent internet outages:


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