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9.1 - layout printing issues


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Hi all, printing on large format (HP XL 8000 driver), save to PDF. Settings are 100%, include background, vector output and use line weights. Sheets are saving to PDF ok, but image-based hatches not working (in "paper space")... thoughts?

Also, possible to define hatches (fill) in different colors? (wanting to use a filled white shape to mask a site image behind

Lastly (for now), how best to define what is in front and what is in back (like layers in InDesign or just Front to Back ordering in many applications...


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Z has always acted like a crossover app between CAD (2D or 3D) and graphics - it would be a dream to treat the layout more like InDesign or Illustrator rather than like CAD.

And vector graphics - not just raster. They can be set for a certain DPI, but become unwieldy fast and not smart docs.

Still not sure why things look nice on screen and not printed. Losing a lot of information.

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