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  1. Hi all, printing on large format (HP XL 8000 driver), save to PDF. Settings are 100%, include background, vector output and use line weights. Sheets are saving to PDF ok, but image-based hatches not working (in "paper space")... thoughts? Also, possible to define hatches (fill) in different colors? (wanting to use a filled white shape to mask a site image behind Lastly (for now), how best to define what is in front and what is in back (like layers in InDesign or just Front to Back ordering in many applications... Thanks!
  2. vpete

    9.1 - layout printing issues

    Z has always acted like a crossover app between CAD (2D or 3D) and graphics - it would be a dream to treat the layout more like InDesign or Illustrator rather than like CAD. And vector graphics - not just raster. They can be set for a certain DPI, but become unwieldy fast and not smart docs. Still not sure why things look nice on screen and not printed. Losing a lot of information.
  3. vpete

    9.1 - layout printing issues

    On a Mac. Using the HP XL 8000 driver for large format as it was the only guidance I could find for large format on a Mac... and the guidance was from Autodesk. Ouch.
  4. vpete

    360 3d movie for google cardboard

    Any updates this this area? The 12:1 VR cubic format looks pretty current and becoming standard for the google cardboard viewers. Thanks, Pete
  5. vpete

    FBX & 3DM import/export

    I would second that and note that FBX is very standard for viz model transfer with textures and animation... I'd be thrilled if it even supported textures if it could be an IO option. And the 3DM is kinda funky where normals are very messy on surfaces and open lines used in construction can create a pretty good mess. Maybe a way to only bring in surfaces and solids with normals out? (not even pretending this would be simple...) Thanks, Pete
  6. Oh, and one other pre-v8 option with the old point tool - was able to make it 3D and also with width... was a great instant column generator... Thanks, Pete
  7. Would really like to see a few UI things: 1- ability to use the retina screen resolution on a notebook to advantage with the whole UI... (need more modeling space!) 2- would like the palette dock to act like a web page for scrolling with 2 fingers on a notebook or with a scroll button on a mouse 3- like the fly-outs, but they need to be top-justified with the trigger button so when you move the mouse to the right you don't miss the fly-out (as they currently go from the center of the trigger button to the left and down. Thanks! Pete
  8. Is there a preference to adjust the precision of rotating the camera view in an orthographic view? I need more for some close in work that I am doing. Thanks, Pete
  9. vpete

    Point Guide Sizing

    Any way to be able to control the preview representation on screen (or even printed) of the point guide object? Thanks!
  10. Is there a way to (not) have a custom reference plane automatically saved? Thanks!
  11. vpete

    Zoom In by Frame

    Gotcha... the Zoom tool (+ shift) and not the Zoom In by Frame.... Thanks!
  12. vpete

    Zoom In by Frame

    ... a ways back (v6.7, I think) I used the zoom in by frame to do very specific zooms. I haven't had the call to do so until a current project. With the UI overhaul, I can not find a way to reset the zoom from center to corner to corner... is this gone or am I missing it? Thanks! ( not a Newbie)
  13. vpete

    Zoom In by Frame

    I thought I tried that too, but it did not work on my keyboard! Zoom In by Frame (+ shift) gave me the same zoom as with just the mouse. Thanks for the help!
  14. vpete

    Point Guide Sizing

    Yes, be able to adjust the size of the point. They can be colored to help call them out (a bit better), but being able to adjust the size, like some of the dimensioning scaling would be great... like 2x the set size. I am using them as markers on complex surfaces and linework and they are hard to make out if colored differently. Thanks!
  15. vpete

    Radial Dimensioning

    When using the radial dimensions on arcs in a model, I want to zoom fit all of the model geometry, but instead, the zoom fit all includes the radial arc center points which if large radial arcs, even if short in length, can be very far away in zoom distance -- much further than a zoom fit all of the geometry. Is there a way around this?... I would like to just fit all (geometry) as expected. Thanks!
  16. OS X 10.10 Yosemite 2010 iMac with plenty of RAM and HD Have a file I worked on recently (last week or so) that I need to do a bit of work on and the file would not launch this morning... the file or the application by itself. I came home at the end of the day and tried again and the application would still not launch... I restarted - no go. Deleted prefs - no go. Reinstalled with old V7.0 installer - no go. Updated FormZ site... no more support links or downloads for V7? What to do next? ...would love to get Pro upgrade (nice new site BTW), but need some consulting bucks in to make that happen. Thanks, Pete
  17. vpete

    spline to arcs?

    Perfect - thanks!
  18. vpete

    spline to arcs?

    There used to be an extension to take splines to arcs - still exist or is there a newer way? Taking a spline trace to fabrication which needs best approximated arcs.... Thanks, Pete
  19. Ok, just saw the Mavericks... I mean Yosemite "Hot Fix" - thanks.... hoping that will work.