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Hidden lines / Draft layouts


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I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious here but how do you get hidden line images into a Draft layout?
I used to (v6.5) view as a hidden line, select, copy, open a new draft (you used to be able to do that from within FZ), file/paste from modeling. I would then either do rough dimensioning in Draft or export out to another program.
In v9.1 (build A399) when I view as a hidden line no objects or tools are selectable. I've tried using file/export image to save it as an EPS but I just get an empty EPS file.

Any ideas?


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After 6.5 everything changed.  The process actually changed a few times since then.   You no longer use that method for importing into a draft 2D document.  The tutorials on the new method are pretty straightforward.  Here is a thread where some of us old timers were chiming in on the new method.


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Thanks Andrew.

Am I correct in thinking you have to save views in Modeling & import each view individually in Draft Layout?

I've been looking for tutorials, are there more about than in formz.com/support/tutorials? The only v9 videos they list are What's New & Python Scripting, they are the only ones I can find on youtube also.

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 For one of my multi story buildings:  In modeling I go to top view- then I create a clipping plane, Move it to the middle of the  floor that I want to import to drafting (so that I have my windows and doors),  Launch Draft Layout-go to Import from modeling- Use Current View- and then I have my top floor.  Then I move the clipping plane to each subsequent floor in order to see the one below and do the same.  Pretty simple in theory.  However, if you have things like complicated furniture in your model you can expect long import times and little glitches.  Nothing that you can't clean up in drafting.  Elevation views don't use the clipping plane but obviously section views do.  

It is worth adding here that sometimes programers make things so simple and obvious that they are easily overlooked.  This is why I have such a tough time with Apple products.  As Form.z develops it seems like they are trying to automate as much as possible and create standard base points from experience and feedback from us.  It would definitely help if there was more documentation on the changes when they occur.  And as has been said before, more webinars and youtube videos.  Thankfully we have a good forum to rely on.  Most of the time.

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