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Non-destructive workflow


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AC1K, Santa,

I don't know at this time.  What I can say thus far is that the Python SDK is still in the works.  Though, the last time I looked, more of the documentation was more filled out.  Which is good.

Not sure if the Python SDK is capable of it or if it would require the C SDK.  I haven't programmed in C for many years, and do not know how far I would get back into it.  There are many smarter people here than I.

Since fZ isn't a non-destructive modeler it would probably be challenging. One could probably make it so that it was editable for the duration similar to other tools.  I do not think the python SDK has any kind of interface to things like modifier handles etc...  Haven't seen anything like that yet and the old FSL didn't have that capability.

Regarding something similar to Grasshopper, there was mention of it some time ago by Tech.  Not sure if that has changed or not.  If it is still in the plans, I imagine that it will have to wait until the Python SDK is essentially complete.  As I presume, it will create python code (not necessarily though.)


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