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  1. FormZ's "problem" is that basic modeling is so enjoyable. This is addictive. This is not always the case when proceeding to a more complex project. A variety of small bugs appear here and there. I use Rhino 7 and Form Z in the concept phase. Form Z is so fast that in a few minutes I can get everything I need for the concept phase! Rhino and Grasshopper are essential for non-destructive modelling. I hope ADS adds a non-destructive Boolean method to the program. It doesn’t have to be perfect and perform all situations. As long as the basic functions work. This will make FormZ more popular.
  2. Do you have plans for direct linking like in Rhino and Archicad?
  3. Hi! Does anyone have the skills to program non-destructive boolean tool for FormZ? There are interesting plugins for Blender, (Hardops and BoxCutter) and of course there is Rhino with Grasshopper. Similar tool for FormZ would be dream come true.
  4. This plugin and connection is great! I tested the plugin with Twinmotion and it works amazingly fast.
  5. AC1000

    please improve the underlay tool!

    There should be easier way to import files into FormZ - including raster images. In Sketchup you can now drag and drop all supported file types directly into your modeling window. Very nice.... but SU is not my tool. 😏
  6. AC1000

    snap - project on reference plane

    Actually there is still problem when you try to snap in 3D view: http://www.formz.com/forum/old/messages/16/61008.html Snap is ok with projection view but 3D it doesn't work like in Rhino.
  7. Hi everyone and Tech Is this option still unavailable in perspective mode? I know there is "Lock To Plane Through First Point" check box available but sometimes you need the other option too. AC
  8. AC1000

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    I am using both FormZ and Rhino (and Archicad) on Mac. FormZ is the fastest modeller on market but I started to "program" macros for Rhino and now I have for example DubFaceborder, Offset, Split Face in same command. It is almost same with insert option in FormZ. When you want to show your basic ideas quickly nothing beats FormZ and Vray. When you are modelling complex architectural projects using blocks, Rhino is best. But I believe FormZ 9 will challenge Rhino again.
  9. AC1000

    Live Boolean - again

    In fact, Clipping Plane is true non-destructive boolean tool. It might be the starting point in this case.
  10. Are other users interested in this feature? Some programs have this option, but there is still room for improvement. I think this is the only big shortage of FormZ. In Archicad, I use the non-destructive liveboolean (or SEO=solid element operation) feature for exploring and scaling the pathways of a constructed environment and also for basic massing. But FormZ would be much faster for that kind of job. What do you think, Tech? Here are a few links that tell you more about this. ZBrush: ArchiCad: http://www.weareenzyme.com/seo-vs-boolean-operation-in-archicad/
  11. AC1000


    Wow! Fantastic!
  12. AC1000


    Laubwerk would be great plugin for FormZ. Lets hope that someone has enough resources and time to develop this plugin. And now it's possible for the first time because we have Vray in FormZ. http://www.laubwerk.com/products/laubwerk-sdk/
  13. AC1000


    Today I had to switch to Sketchup to use Laubwerk.... This plugin should be available for FormZ. What do you think AutoDesSys? This year perhaps?
  14. AC1000

    Sun settings not updating

    Thats true, you can't control intensity from light panel for some reason. But you can control it from VRay Settings entering values into Multiplier number box.... Actually not the same thing....hmmmm.
  15. AC1000

    Sun settings not updating

    Try this.
  16. AC1000

    Sun settings not updating

    The problem is with the automatically generated V-Ray sun. If you create your own light source and switch it to V-Ray sun the Sun Position works as it should.
  17. AC1000

    Referenced CAD files

    Yes, referencing (Xref in AutoCad) is the same as Linking (Rhino) or Hotlink (ArchiCad).
  18. AC1000

    Referenced CAD files

    In Rhino you can link all imported 3d formats. I have file that contains linked blocks from FormZ, Sketchup and AutoCad. AutoDesSys should copy that method to FormZ - without hesitation.
  19. AC1000

    8.6 bugs

    ASONE, you are right. And actually Graphisoft/Archicad is also part of Nemetschek Group. BIM is already the industry of a few companies. Archicad, Revit and a few other programs have left flexible modeling to others and focused on linking free-form objects to BIM system. Moreover, BIM takes extreme amount of resources from the machine due to the maintenance of the database. Fluent modeling is often clumsy with these programs. Creative design is not natural with BIM programs. But in production it is imperative.
  20. AC1000

    8.6 bugs

    The forums are pretty quiet nowadays. Vray has been a big achievement. However, did the product get too late for the community? Software manufacturers have surprised with the desire to combine their programs' ability to collaborate with others. Graphisoft's Archicad and McNeels Rhino with Grasshopper are one of the success stories. Bidirectional Live link system is great between AC and Rhino. FormZ could be one party in this kind of project. The ability to link files is important in such a case.
  21. AC1000

    8.6 bugs

    If AutoDessys just read all of my great ideas, FormZ would be the best modeling tool ever. Some of my ideas are even free and readable in discussion forums!
  22. Is it possible to fix Illustrator and eps export plugins soon? I am missing line weights. Now we have only one line weight. FormZ 7 did the job correctly.
  23. AC1000

    8.6 bugs

    Thats true. I have them all. There is only one modeler capable of handling true solid object modeling, surface modeling and nurbs: FormZ.
  24. AC1000

    8.6 bugs

    bbuxton unfortunately you are right. Sketchup and Rhino are the programs that people are using. FormZ has a few great tools, best in industry definitely. Push n Pull tool on solids, offset tools with insert option, autogrid with lock option, fast drag n drop method with materials, robust extended tool and ability to copy paste topologies. I love Rhino but in Rhino you have to use three or four commands to achieve the same than in FormZ. And the handling of materials is clumsy in Rhino. Sketchup is a different story. Modelling method is annoying, but it is very fast and OpenGL mode is nice with bright colours, crisp shadows and clean lines. And you can export crips views to Illustrator. Now I have to export FZ models to SU if I need nice concept graphics or "toon" rendering. Now Rhino is my main modelling program because you can link both FZ (step or dwg) and SU (native) files into it as blocks. And the main model will update constantly. The disadvantage is the poor material management in Rhino. FormZ could easily do all the things mentioned above, but now there is too many bugs, bad export import plugins, UI problems and so on. Lets hope FormZ 9 has new clean code, nice UI and robust import export plugins.
  25. AC1000

    Vray material in shaded mode

    I had also problems with OpenGL modes (shaded and shaded full). But the most annoying issue is gone! Glass materials used to be always solid black (both in Sketchup Vray and FormZ Vray). Now they are transparent finally.