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V-ray Scene Files

Andrew West

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I am posting this as a favor to anyone who is thinking of using Scene files in their models.  Don't.  They are more trouble than they are worth.  First is the issue of lighting.  Each scene file creates a sun light that automatically comes in with the file whether you turn off that option on import or not.  Then you have to go into the attributes tab in the inspector to make sure its off.  If your lighting is totally messed up this is the reason.  Next there is the issue of Alpha Channels.  I use them A LOT!  The scene file will corrupt your alpha channel completely as it renders as pure white.  If like me you render out a building you would expect to have it separate from the background for compositing.  Or if you do an interior model that has a view outside the window you might want to place an image behind the glass.  The scene file makes this impossible.  I spent a day and a half chasing down this problem so save yourself the trouble and don't use them (unless you don't use alpha channels).  I am aware that the development team is working on this issue for the next release.  Lets hope it is sooner rather than later.  

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