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Render with trial version


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i'm an architecture student and its the first time i use Form z for my project so I downloaded the trial version 

But now i'd like to render but when i do it a text appear on my image "render zone trial version"

Is there any possibilities to erase the text on the trial version ?

Also when I make the render i dont see the edge lines anymore.. I send an attachement to show you whats wrong. 

Best regards 




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Hi Clara,


As Rob suggests, if you are using formZ for purely academic purposes, you can sign up for a free 1 year license here:




(If you already had one and it has expired, you can just fill out the form again to renew it for another year, as long as you are not using it for professional work.)


By default, RenderZone will not show edge lines, but if you want these to show on object(s), select them, click the Attributes Tab of the Pick Options, change the Basic Attributes to RenderZone, and check the Render As Wireframe option.

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