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Found 5 results

  1. I've been experiencing a consistent, never-ending problem with both formZ Pro 8 & formZ Pro 9 specifically on my Windows 7 system. Every time I boot my system and get to my desktop, formZ automatically launches and opens completely. I do not have formZ listed as one of my Windows startup applications. I looked into formZ's preferences panel and could not find any auto-startup options there. Any other suggestions or information regarding this issue is greatly appreciated.
  2. Dear, good morning. Would like to integrate a model into google earth. We followed the process as explained in tutorial (youtube formZ and google earth) but we don't see the model. What are we doing wrong ? tks for helping us. Is there a new tutorial about model integration ? Tks bst rgds hereunder the message : form Z vertex array in geometry triangles:material has more than 64k vertices
  3. cphfmz


    I read about swarm - is this possible with V-Ray for FormZ? If yes, how does it works and is it possible with only one V-Ray license/render node? Thank you very much.
  4. Hello, I want to know if its possible to import/convert an old file ( it was created around 1996 ) with the extension .fmz to the new formZ using plugins or something else. We tried to open it with the FormZ 8.0 but it didnt work at all : it says to open it with an older version Or should i go look for the old version of FormZ. If so, does someone has an old version of it ? Thanks alot
  5. Hi, i'm an architecture student and its the first time i use Form z for my project so I downloaded the trial version But now i'd like to render but when i do it a text appear on my image "render zone trial version" Is there any possibilities to erase the text on the trial version ? Also when I make the render i dont see the edge lines anymore.. I send an attachement to show you whats wrong. Best regards Clara