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Text in Form Z


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Hello All,

New to the forum, just starting to get my feet wet with Form Z. I need a little help with text. I've modeled a simple rectangle 214 mmx112x 1.5 high, it will be 3d printed and then act as a panel cover on my 3d printer. I was able to model the solid rectangle and do some simple polygon cutouts.I then used netfabb to repair  newbie errors and it printed nicely. Basically I get a thin printed panel that can flex a bit. I'm now wanting to add text that will appear as a cutout on the panel. Could someone point me down the correct path for this operation? Is it a simple place text and extrude? Any help is appreciated.  

I'm using Form z 8.

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Hi JRam,


Welcome to the forum!


As Robert notes, if you are using the Text Tool, you can simply choose the Solid option from the Tool Options to generate 3d text directly:




Or you should be able to extrude 2d text that you have created in formZ.


If you have imported the shapes from other programs, make sure that the shapes are closed before extruding (or use the line editing: Close tool to close them first) and then you should get what you want.


If you need any further help, please send a file to support@formz.com that includes the text in question so we can take a look and offer further suggestions.

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