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  1. Hello ,does anyone know of a step by step tutorial of using a HDRI in a render? I am unclear on how to use these.
  2. Thank you, I will email form z support
  3. Hello, I am using Form Z pro 8. I am doing the following steps and getting this message telling me that the model will contain over 100,000 faces, vertices.. etc. I get the spinning wheel and then the program crashes. I am first making a 2d plane 50mmx30mm. I then do a pt scatter with a number of 15-20. I then click on the Voronoi tab. I then offset outline all of the shapes-reshape and then attempt to subdivide (just like the tutorial online). The program crashes at this point.What would cause this? I am using the windows version on a machine with an i7 quad core processor and a Nvidia 965 graphics card.
  4. Recently I have noticed that a Form Z logo is showing up on my objects when I render. I am not sure what I did as I have rendered other things without this showing up. I am sure this is a basic fix but cannot seem to find how to remove this. How do I remove this and why is it showing up? I am a newbie so any help is appreciated. Thanks,
  5. Hello. I am having a small problem with the slice operation. I have attached a screenshot of what is happening. I have successfully sliced the model in the same manner in 5 other spots. I need to export the larger section on the left as an STL so I can print it. For some reason, the smaller highlighted part on the right is considered part of that slice even though the line is not going through it. I attempted to export as STL thinking that I would just delete the smaller part while in my 3D printer software. It will not let me export and states that their are errors. Any suggestions to get rid of that smaller chunk later on or while still in Form z?As you can also see, it has deleted a small section above the small red highlighted section, not sure what's happening there either. Thank you
  6. Thanks, I emailed the file to you.
  7. Hello All, I'm using Form Z Pro SE. I have attached a file for you to view. I'm looking for any tips or help on making this a realistic looking render. I have been modeling with Form Z for a while now but have never needed to render. I have been using renderzone but I am absolutely horrible with lighting placement. Is there an automatic light option? I have placed one light in the scene, if someone could take a look at it and recommend and/or tell me what I should I do, that would be great. It is a room scene with a wood floor and wallpapered wall. The crown molding is a glossy white base. Thanks
  8. Hello All, I'm modeling some parts to export as STL and I'm having a small problem. Once I open the STL in the part slicer, the part is larger than it was when I modeled the part. For example, I just exported a small piece and the height when modeled was 47mm , once sliced the part is 119 mm, it seems that 119 is a common dimenssion I'm getting even when I'm modeling some small parts at 20mm and 43mm. Note the 119 is in the X axis
  9. jram

    Capping off an N loft

    Thanks for all the help guys! All of the suggestions are working.
  10. Hello, just a quick question. I'm trying to make a vase shape/form and I'm using N loft over a few t splined shapes, it seems to be working well but what is the best way to cap one of the ends. I'm wanting to cap it with a 1mm thick surface as I will be printing it out on a 3d printer. I will control wall thickness thru perimeter settings in my slicer software.Is there a tutorial someone could point me to for this? I'm sure there are many ways to do this but I am still learning and can't seem to figure this out. Thanks
  11. jram

    Text in Form Z

    Thanks, I'm trying extrude and then difference but it does not work.. Any other methods?
  12. jram

    Text in Form Z

    Hello All, New to the forum, just starting to get my feet wet with Form Z. I need a little help with text. I've modeled a simple rectangle 214 mmx112x 1.5 high, it will be 3d printed and then act as a panel cover on my 3d printer. I was able to model the solid rectangle and do some simple polygon cutouts.I then used netfabb to repair newbie errors and it printed nicely. Basically I get a thin printed panel that can flex a bit. I'm now wanting to add text that will appear as a cutout on the panel. Could someone point me down the correct path for this operation? Is it a simple place text and extrude? Any help is appreciated. I'm using Form z 8.