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Marketing Device For Modeling?

Bo Atkinson

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Could this help an architectural or product promotion? 

Is this a future method to sell your 3d models?

Unfortunately the videos are a bit scant but the 3d display is amazing.



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I enjoy the dry humor of floating a 2d image  in midair, almost in the palm of one's hand.

It appears to easily use something like "radar sweeping", but displays imagery on the "rotating antenna part", so to speak in metaphor. The rotating arms must have 3 color LED lights synced with an electronically timed process, which swaps raster-&-vector displaying with circular degree-positions-&-radii  ...  A disc-like display in midair is the result.

Think of  a black background as a no-color, no-intensity signal which does not light up any of the rotating LEDs, while the colored surfaces do light up the rotating LEDs, but in sync with a loaded image. Fewer pixel-illuminators are needed on a rotating arm, than are needed in a regular LCD display, which can save on costs. A three color LED is economical today, simply having three cathodes, one for each color, as in:

The outcome fakes a 3d light object in space, more-so if there is a lot of "unlit portions in the displayed image"...  Ingenious IMHO.  Almost any kind of image could be theoretically displayed, even cropping it to a square or rectilinear canvas shape.

Disclaimer, I am simply speaking from common sense deduction from a technological perspective and have never tested one of these things in person. I have no idea of how bright the sold-devices are or if they are presentable in any day-lit environment, except to say that it could be developed to that level, as much as any "led display".

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I have seen these in action. They are pretty novel. The image is very catching but the quality is very low res - around 38 pixels per inch by my quick math.

However, they are loud - its basically a fan without any aerodynamic profile. Also, I think they are fragile. It would be best used in a display out of reach.

I didn't get into programming. but it seems that having the right content/black background is key.


In the end, I thought it was a nice accessory to good quality video - An "attract" to get someone's attention from across the room. but not something you would want to focus on or scrutinize.




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But this is just a Persistence of Vision gadget.   There is no Paralax as in true 3D?   But rather just a "floating" image.  POV gadgets have been in the hacker space for over a decade.


best of my knowledge to get true 3D, you need one of the following

1. constructive-destructive interference (traditional laser based holograms)  Hard to show effectively.

2. Unique Images for each Eye (works best with some kind of motion tracking)  (this can be somewhat simulated by tracking only, aka some VR/AR)

3. A Volumetric space with a medium to project the image onto (fog/mist, a moving bead in Volumetric space (a very fast one, projecting on a spinning corkscrew, etc...))

    • Projecting on a volumetric Mist or fog


    • Projecting on a sing bead that is being pushed through 3D Space



    • Spinning corkscrew, Only found a real crappy example, though I have seen better.


4. moving the LEDs in a 3D path (this isn't really 3D, as image is only on the surface of the sphere, and cannot be any where else)



5. 3D arrangement of LEDs  (did not find an example, LEDs in space probably interfere with the ones behind)


Best I can tell, this has none of these.  If wrong, which does it employ or what new tech is it using.

My math is about the same, estimating it's size and using the published pixel count.  That video, may have been faked.  Though one way of simulating a higher Resolution display would be to stagger the LEDs  and with some trickery of timing the staggered LEDs would fill the gaps. (my guess, the video was VFX)


if you want a POV to be 3D then maybe this is what you want. and to get a worthwhile effect, you still will need tracking.  BUT!  You can be the Coolest kid in town!


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Good to hear it actually exists and no doubt it is in a very primitive state...

I should have started with this instead except that immediacy got the impulse... It might spruce up a vendor's fair any time soon. (impulse sales marketing).



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