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Auto Save / 2d DXF Export / Color Pick

AHDD Designer

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I work with MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave and Form.Z 8.6.5.
The following annoying little things should finally be fixed:

1st Auto Save
If this function is switched on and a backup is to be made every 10 minutes, for example, it always feels as if the computer / program has crashed.
First everything is blocked (no mouse movement, no changing of the view), then the beachball comes and only then a progress bar appears in the upper right corner (sometimes).

2nd DXF Export 2d
If you want to export a 2d DXF from a hiddenline view in order to edit this drawing in another program, this drawing will be exported in any scale. Not twice as large, or 10 times as large, but any absolutely strange. Without a reference measure and a following manual scaling a pure tinkering.

3rd. Materials Color Pick
If you use the Gray Scale Slider while editing the materials, it will fall back into RGB mode every time you move it. The same when using CMYK.

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Hello there!

I can offer some advice on the Auto Save.  This feature is slow because of the (in my opinion) bad default settings under Project Settings > Project Files > File Optimization.  Move the Slider all the way left to 'Open Fast' which will also mean Save Fast.  Also Unselect 'Keep Textures' as this feature will do nothing but cause problems.  This will setup your project without compression, which should save MUCH faster.  The files will be a bit bigger, but that should not matter much these days with cheap big hard drives.  I just did a speed test and if you are saving to a SSD, saving your project shouldn't take more than 7-8 seconds on a file as large as 420mb. 


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OK, I have set the setting to "Fast" as suggested by you, but this does not help.

It's not really about the fact that the saving process takes too long for me. It's more the way the save process feels.

I expect a program to first display a clearly visible message that the project is being cached. Unless this process does not seem to complete in the background can gift.

Now it looks like Form.Z crashed because nothing works anymore. After that it looks for a moment like it really is, because the rotating beachball appears (for me not an indication for a "normal" saving process) and only then a progress bar appears at the top left of the screen, which brings the salvation that everything is normal after all.

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I stopped using autosave a long time ago, I just got the habit of manually saving after I've done a certain amount of functions.

It totally depends on the files I'm working on, new fresh files it works fine but with time after the file becomes big it becomes a pain so I turned it off.

On a slightly different note, I believe the saving process in FormZ has suffered since Mojave (on Mac). I'm assuming it's the same in Catalina so I haven't upgraded yet. I have an older MacPro running El Capitan and FormZ with the same preferences which saves better and faster the same files so what ever Apple did since then I don't know...

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For me it's really sad to read (or get confirmed) that many features that used to work fine under the old MacOS systems are now causing problems. The more I am forced to update my hardware and soft, the more I get left behind...

Working with a PowerPC, Leopard and Form.Z 6 10 years ago was almost as comfortable as working with a brand new iMac 2019 and Mojave and Form.Z 8 today

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