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Components and Symbols


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unfortunately, this is still an area where FZ needs to get stable and reliable again compared to old version 6.7.x...

i am using FZ mainly because of this feature and try avoid issues when handling components with following tips:

* always just use embedded library. most handling of external libraries got me into troubles.

* after copy and paste of components from one to another scene, save scene, quit FZ and reload before editing further.

* don't ever nest components (this was possible in old version 6) - hope this will come back as reliable feature in version 9?

* after updating components or committing a series of changes, save file under a new version, quit FZ and reload scene. many times this fixes unexplainable issues.

* try to be very careful when using layers within components. if you delete components which use an inactive layer weird things can happen. in this case, better go back to backup and retsart operations.

* did i say to backup as much as you can? use the save incremental file function to do so, and do it specifically before and after creating a new component.

hope that helps



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