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  1. I have a problem when I cut and paste from one file to another. No matter what I select and copy or cut, when I paste it to the desired file the same object appears ( not the objects I just copied or cut ). This is working in FormZ 8. Some objects cannot be selected, and the object pallet behaves oddly. I cannot use V9 because we are still waiting for a new Maxwell plug-in. Object trapped the paste.fmz
  2. Ged

    Cutting and pasting

    Hi vva, Thank you too. I was replying to others when your response came in. As I said I found all the lines in the furniture file. ( all the same ??? ). Happy daze!
  3. Ged

    Cutting and pasting

    Thank you guys, for discussing this. I have checked all layers and the intended objects are not to be found, just the nasty little object every time I paste. I have changed the preference file ( without clearing all the preferences ) restarted the mac pro and no change. There seem to be corrupt object in the file. In the object pallet window, I see many items listed as 'Line........' ( see screen grab ), this is something I have not seen before. So I rebuilt the file making all the objects I suspected again, and it is working OK, cutting and pasting is OK now. a few weeks ago I installed FormZ9 and tested it out a bit. There might be a mix up with preference files across the two v8 and v9. V9.0.1 crashes a lot and still does not do the 3D to 2D BIM stuff well. To produce a decent drawing I am using Illustrator and then making my PDFs. For visualisation I use Maxwell and Renderzone( if I need something quick ). Maxwell v3 as I am not able to afford v5 yet. Now the coronavirus has killed the exhibition industry I will spend more time on the golf course. Living the dream?. Ged
  4. OK I just went to my 'purchased / assigned ' page in my NextLimit and find that there is no plug in (yet) for Formz9. As I use Maxwell for rendering mostly everything I guess I might as well carry on with FormZ 8 and Maxwell 3 until the plug in is available.
  5. Is there a plug in for Maxwell v3 from FormZv9, or will I have to buy Maxwell v5?. I see Maxwell 5 is available. Has anyone bought it and tested it with FormZ 9 yet?
  6. Ged

    form•Z 9 beta

    I have now got my V9 Professional License. I wont be using it for work yet. Over the last year or so I have been trying to email FormZ to report problems etc with beta versions. All my emails end up being returned undelivered repeatedly which has given my mail server a spam status. How do you communicate with FormZ people nowadays? When Paul Helm was around it was easy.
  7. My advise is to stay away from this area altogether ! Unexplainable stuff happens and of course crashes and weird stuff turning up and disappearing. AVOID !
  8. Hi all, I have tried .OBJ and .DAE to export a model with UV textures in order to upload it to Sketchfab. FormZ 8.6.5 crashes every time, on OSX 10.13.6. The whole model is too big to attach here. Has anyone else had problems like this. Also, when FormZ crashes and after a restart you get the message asking you if you wish to report a problem to FormZ. If you try to report it the message is not delivered and you get undelivered notices from your email. Ged
  9. Ged

    groups vs booleans

    AH Ha! FZnoob, That worked. Thank you and Des too for the quick responses. I am using Maxwell render and having great success with it. Layout is still a bit patchy. Especially with notes moving from their given location when making PDFs. That is another topic though.
  10. Ged

    groups vs booleans

    I have not been able to group things for a year or so. I don't know why. Even two simple polygons in a new file wont group. Does anyone know why? I have been using FormZ for maybe 20 years! ( I wish Paul was still around ). Ged
  11. Hi All, I have been using Layout to produce 2D drawing from my models and find many problems. The biggest problem I cannot work-around is printing drawings to give to builders etc. Most builders find the drawing OK but not as good as say VectorWorks ( which costs arms and legs ). Text has to be written using the Notes in dimensions tool, but they never appear in the same place as shown when printed ( through PDF ). They have to be checked, moved , checked and moved again, until it looks about right, then you have to accept it, or forget it. I have tried exporting .dwgs etc to other applications but needs so much tidying up it is just not worth it. When can FormZ fix this ? Ged
  12. Ged

    Component problems

    There are quite a few work arounds you have to use with FormZ. Component are a nightmare, I avoid them. I was doing lots of landscape and architectural work, now its just exhibition stands, my original type of work. Too old and lazy now to bother with any new 3D learning so I will just muddle on with FormZ. It has its limits, but it is cheaper than others. The support was brilliant up to March 2017. I find grouping is not working for me much anymore either.
  13. Ged

    In memory of Paul Helm

    I have only just found out that Paul has passed away. He was the most helpful software support person I have ever come across. It was he who kept me using FormZ for ? the last 23 years. He cared about us users. For me, FormZ was Paul Helm. I hope they can function without him. Best wishes to all, Ged Expozone UK
  14. Hi All, There are a lot of serious problems with Layout. Dimensioning and writing notes is a painful process and often fails, text moves when you print to PDF. Issuing drawings that way is as near to hell as I have come, and I have been in it deep before. Support are still 'busy' with this issue. I noticed this morning on a detail drawing I have put a circumference dimension on, the dimension text was changing as I scrolled the zoom. That is scary, particularly when the drawing has been sent out. What dim. was it showing, I ll have to check the PDF and panic over all those dims. FFS guys ! Once you have ungrouped a drawing in a frame the dimensions revert to actual dims not what they represent in scale. You cannot draw to scale even on new sheet. Why ? FormZ is great for 3D but for BIM it is failing me.
  15. Ged

    Layout text issues

    I have had the same and worse. Text moves location when you save to PDF. This morning I was looking at a drawing I had already issued to a contractor and noticed as I zoomed in and out a dimension ( a curve, part of circumference , was changing in ( what looked like sync with the zooming . I have been trying to use Layout professionally but I am going to have to give up now and buy a 2D application that behaves its self. Its a pity because I have used FormZ for about 20 years and now use it with Maxwell and I am happy with that 3D side of things. FFS guys! I think you rushed the last release of layout and left a lot of us IN IT. Clients and contractors think I have gone dooolally.
  16. I always used the Control object 2 and Control object 1 at the same time. It helps to quickly and accurately move things around. Like when you duplicate a floor of the multistory building, you need to move it up 3.150M or down. the Control Object were great. Gravity was good too for dropping cars on to a road system. If one could switch all Materials at once from Renderzone to Maxwell. ( all those which a maxwell material ). If there was something to make me 30 years younger I would be happy to beta test it.