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Always got this problem

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Did you try simply restarting formZ, (after Quitting FormZ) ?


It always helps if you can give the exact version update of your OS and your video driver and the formZ update version.


(I possibly saw a similar issue where there existed incompatible versions of one of the above, as intensive computer uses require very close matching of these versions).

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Posted (edited)

I had exactly the same problem ....I have used a couple of ways round it.


I have Vray installed. ....re-named the Vray folder with suffix '_old' ....so Vray does not load ....FormZ started fine.


Obviously this was not a great fix as I want to use the Vray I purchased ;)


So I updated the graphics drivers.... still a recurring freeze on start-up requiring force quit.


Then I switched off the 'start-up/hints window (un-ticked the always show on start). ......No problems since; even with Vray active.


Worked for me, please post if this also solves your problem.



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I should say I also messaged support and they offered to have an online/screen assist session but it was resolved before we had chance to investigate..


So 1st port of call, should be to message support (if you can carryout a screenshare meet).


My solution was simple (but I have no idea why it resolved my issue)


1) When you start FormZ ....a hints/help pop up screen boots by default before FormZ fully loads. The option box to switch off is a selection box in the bottom left of that screen (message... 'always show on startup'..) un select that option. ....re-start FormZ ....now it boots straight into the application with no pop up start/hints screen. ...This resolved the freeze issue for me. ....


2) If you have Vray installed and you cannot even start-up due to an immediate freeze .... Goto C>Program Files>formZ 8>Plugins ...re name the contained folder ...'V-Ray for formZ' to 'V-Ray for formZ_old' 


This will disable Vray and you should now be able to start formZ without a freeze. Now follow the route in 1) to disable the start /hints pop-up window


Close formZ... try formZ a couple of times ....no Freeze? 


3) follow 2) to find folder 'V-Ray for formZ_old' again but delete the suffix _old ....leaving original folder name of  V-Ray for formZ


4) re start formZ .... should now start with Vray loaded and no more freezes


This worked for me ....(been using for about a month with no freezes)


Try it... if not working get in touch with support. (They offered me an online meet for the following morning)


Good luck








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