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  1. beyondyong

    V-Ray update

    when the vray 5 for formz release?
  2. beyondyong

    Slow to respond

    Thanks your help, i know this intersection snap, I think this is a very failing feature, and these features can cause the entire system to be slow and really fail. That is, I turned off this feature. Whenever I draw a drawing, the system is as slow, like turning edit cone of vision, In the case of four different windows, I click on any one of the windows will be slow. Again, whenever I click on the vray's lighting settings or material settings, the pop-up window is very slow. In fact, there are many, many places that are very slow. Is my computer hardware not good enough?
  3. beyondyong

    Slow to respond

    Is there any way to solve it? who can help please?
  4. beyondyong

    Slow to respond

    I was slow to respond when I was drawing. What settings can solve this problem? My computer info AMD Ryzen 7 2700X Eight-Core Processor Gigabyte GV-N1060G1-Gaming-6GD 16GB RAM
  5. Which one display is correct?When finished the render.
  6. beyondyong

    Always got this problem

    hi Martin, thanks your help. Can you please show me more detail how to solves it?
  7. beyondyong

    Vray Render Problem

    When i not select interactive or progressive to render, the formz will auto close, select progressive also auto close. It only can render select progressive, use GPU & hybird this three option.
  8. beyondyong

    Always got this problem

    I using a period of time the formz will come out this problem, need to restart windows.
  9. beyondyong

    how to setting this type of light effect

    thanks Justin Montoya.
  10. beyondyong

    Render Output Setting

    I setting the image width 1632 & high 900, why the final resolution 3264 x 900?
  11. how to setting this type of light effect in picture 001 in vray render setting?
  12. beyondyong

    using vray render interactive

    i find out the reason already, when choose the vray carpaint material, after start render using Hybrid the formz will auto close it.
  13. beyondyong

    using vray render interactive

    my hardware CPUi5, GPU GTX1060 & 16GB RAM, windows 10
  14. I using decal tool to make picture frame, using renderzone is ok, if using vray render the image cannot show out. how to setting please help.