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ERROR ID = 158:22 Please answer this Tech!

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Tech, please tell me how to stop this.


I get it every time I save now, and then when the save goes through, the time isn't reflected in the windows browser, so I don't know if the file is really saved.


There are no components in this file, but it happens also with files that have components.


I end up having to Save as Copy. So this is really slowing me down and making life very difficult.






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Please contact us via email or phone for fasted response (thats Justin!). These types of problems are often best diagnosed with an on line meeting with screen sharing. 


Having said that what version fo formZ are you using? If you are using 8.6 pro, please be sure you are using the latest version ( as of today). You can update here: http://www.formz.com/products/formz/update/formz_86_Update.html.


Are you saving to a local, external or network drive? This could be a factor.



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