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  1. Spacer

    Basics on 3D to 2D and axono views

    test reply because I don't see my thread in the Discussions thread -PO ok I see it now, it just isn't at the top of the stack..not sure why since it is v recent. anyhow.. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have a few questions: To go from 3D hidden Line into 2D(Layout) what is the procedure? Are there tips or a page for this process. I am making pedagogical documents of simple volumes and their views in plan elevation and axonometric and isometric for me axonometric means the plan is simply rotated (so, no distorsion) while isometric the plan is made into a lozenge (based on the x and y both at 30° to horizontal). I need to make both these kinds of views BUT with the verticals at their true lengths. Is this possible? What would the setting for those two modes be? (Right now I get a reduction of the verticals when I go into axonometric view). Thank you! Peter
  3. Spacer

    Views in FormZ

    £Hi, I would like to use FormZ to teach about differing orthographic projections, but something eludes me. When I am in axonometric with 45° - 45°, I wouyld assume that the x and y axes would appear onscreen at 90° to each other. But they do not. AM I missing something? Possible screen proportion messing up the aspect? Thanks for any help. Peter
  4. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Super thanks Justin! But just to harp on the Components issue- if you are in the business of representing architecture, repeating elements are essential to your work!e. How can FormZ allow this aspect of it's software to be buggy??? that is beyond me;Ffriends are sending me links to forums which diss FormZ. I try to defend my choice, but it's getting harder and harder. Once i learn Rhino (for teaching purposes), I may be tempted to end the pain... Otherwise, Win 10 here I come. Peter
  5. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Hi fellows, I managed to get my file size to about 280 Mb, and of course it's a lot better. A few Components were set way too high in Resolution. I reduced them and then facetted just to be sure. Thanks to all. Peter
  6. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Smarttec, The current model has a lot of components (but everything is relative, right?) It seems that as I lighten it up, the crash happens less (or is it that I got rid of some problem objects??) In any case, I was having two types of crashes - a sudden quit with the Save and Debug option, and just a Otal exit with the Nvidia Kernel mode blah blah blah popping up. Under steep deadline and cannot see myself buying a graphics card today in the hope it will fix this, I suppose I could , but there are many other possible sources f r the problem, so not sure..WIN7 outdated? Was on FZ 8.5.0 and now on 8.6.2- (could help?), other?? thanks for responding. Peter
  7. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Hi guys, Ok for 8.6.2 - DONE. regarding support, ok I see that things must get prioritized. but will V 9 have stable Components? Peter
  8. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Hi Smarttec, thanks a lot for your help. I guess doing BOTH is a lot to ask. Back in the day they had the family plan but Paul Helm was always there to answer..Has support changed that policy which everyone recognizes as one of the great aspects of FormZ? Jumping to Windows 10 has been long put off, but may be needed. I just thought that maybe it was an graphics driver issue, or something. If they are busy fixing the component system, I would understand, since there is a lot to be done there... Best- Peter
  9. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    Is it me or is Support less active on the forum???
  10. Spacer

    CRASH again and again.. please help!

    I re-installed FZ - still crashing at end of saves and sometimes just zoomng in. File about 1,3 Gigs, with a fair amount of Components - using mostly embedded because me sense is that the embedded system is simple than both embedded and external file... ugh. losing valuable time with these crashes. Long saving time as well... I tried to clean install earlier version of Nvidia driver and still get the crashes. Sometimes i eek through a few saves without crashing, but then it happens again. Peter
  11. HI, I am on Win7 FZ Pro 64. 16 Go Ram. Nvidia GTX 560. I have lost a lot of time trying to figure this out. I moved my files to the desktop as per a suggestion of someone on the forum. I still get this crash whose message in the the Ndivia pilot could not respond "Windows Nvidia Kernel Mode Driver ne répondait plus" (in French- sorry). I removed, cleaned and re-installed the card- it was dusty but looks fine. I get a crash which seems related to Nvidia driver though I have re-installed twice and am up to date. I just discovered a crash log in Windows Maintenance Center which says this: Source formZ Pro RÈsumÈ Fonctionnement arreté Date 27/05/2018 11:03 Statut Non signalÈ Description Chemin díaccËs de líapplication dÈfaillante : C:\Program Files\formZ 8\formZ 8.5 Pro 64\formZ.exe Signature du probleme Nom d'evÈnement du probleme: APPCRASH Nom de líapplication: formZ.exe Version de líapplication: Horodatage de líapplication: 58dab93b Nom du module par dÈfaut: nvoglv64.DLL Version du module par dÈfaut: Horodateur du module par dÈfaut: 5ab581c4 Code de líexception: 40000015 DÈcalage de líexception: 0000000000fd6b7f Version du systËme: 6.1.7601. Identificateur de paramËtres rÈgionaux: 1036 Information supplÈmentaire n°1: 7bfd Information supplÈmentaire n°2: 7bfd456edaadeed0a93216e5d21cf18d Information supplÈmentaire n°3: b6b7 Information supplÈmentaire n° 4: b6b7998292f7c9cee1c3e8e5cb13b8fd Fichiers qui aident ‡ dÈcrire le problËme AppCompat.txt WERInternalMetadata.xml minidump.mdmp WERDataCollectionFailure.txt
  12. HI, YEs object doctor repeatedly. thanks for the suggestions, Andrew. Best regards- Peter
  13. HI , I'd like to see if I can lighten this object up in Mesh reduce, but although it is a single object (separate toll does nothing), i get a message saying, "One or more objects selected for Reduce Mesh operation are surface solids, or partial surface solids. these objects need to be converted to single sided first." But I don't know how. The convert tool is operational on this object. Thanks for any ideas- Peter
  14. Spacer

    where to load Fonts?

    So I just creat a folder, put some new fonts in there and add that folder to the search item in Fonts/Preferences? is there a file format for fonts? why can't I find where FZ stores its default fonts (to see what format they are in?)