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Is there a mirror on Axis mode that maintains symmetry while working?


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New user here adjusting to the interface.

I am trying to build objects that are symmetrical across a particular axis like a car, spaceship, or human figure etc.


I know the mirror tools can do this on command. But since this is a common workflow in most 3d programs (Modo user here)—is there a mode that maintains symmetry on a particular axis while working?


Much appreciated,


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Thank you. I have to say the lack of such a rather basic ability is almost shocking considering how old formZ is—perhaps a trailing legacy of heavily modal interface pre version 7?

I really had convinced myself I was just overlooking it in the interface. Oh well... 

Please consider it strongly!

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In version 6.x.x one could mirror an object with "make clone" checked in the copy dialog. So for example, if you had half a car mesh and mirror cloned it, any changes you made to the original would update automatically on the mirrored copy.

I know it's not exactly the same, but is very useful if you still have a copy of version 6.


I really miss the clones in version 6, any chance that function could be reinstated at some stage support?

I know components could be used as well for bastardised mirror editing, but seems a very cumbersome way to do it (not live)..



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