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  1. I can't figure out how to create orthographic views... for elevations and plans... I assumed this would be under View menu, but no luck.
  2. 2urn

    Orthographic Views?

    Duh... Axonometric! nevermind.
  3. Hello, New user here adjusting to the interface. I am trying to build objects that are symmetrical across a particular axis like a car, spaceship, or human figure etc. I know the mirror tools can do this on command. But since this is a common workflow in most 3d programs (Modo user here)—is there a mode that maintains symmetry on a particular axis while working? Much appreciated, Dimtiry
  4. Thank you. I have to say the lack of such a rather basic ability is almost shocking considering how old formZ is—perhaps a trailing legacy of heavily modal interface pre version 7? I really had convinced myself I was just overlooking it in the interface. Oh well... Please consider it strongly!