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Please Add Light Emitting Materials to FormZ


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   After using some rendering plug-ins like Maxwell & V-Ray, can you please look at adding light emitting materials? I think it'd be a fantastic addition to formZ. It'd definitely help when trying to show lighted logo's or tv screens or even lighted panels (since I can never get the area light to work) or just light up edges like when showing edge lighted acrylic. It seems like some of the formZ lights have always been a little tricky to use and seem to not look the most realistic compared to just having a material emmit light.



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I agree, and am using this frequently in my work with VRAY.


I know that OpenGL supports this as well so it should be workable inside of our Shaded and/or Shaded Full. -http://www.falloutsoftware.com/tutorials/gl/gl8.htm#emissive_light


I also wish that the intensity was controllable by real world values like Watts, and decay, etc.

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