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  1. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Awesome work everyone! I like all the insight shared on lights & settings used. I need to see what all renderings I'm allowed to share and will post some soon. Also, I recently just found out that Adobe Stock has 3D models!! Some are free, some are considered premium and you need a subscription to pay for them. I have a premium subscription thru work and downloaded a few to test and they actually look really good. File format is OBJ and when you import into formZ make sure you have the "Import Texture Maps" checked. When you download them they come with the base color map, normals map, roughness map, transparency map, etc. in the folder.
  2. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Very nice work Jaakko!! May I ask what types of lights you used? I like how the woman really looks like shes standing in the scene. Most of the time when I insert a person it looks like they're floating above the ground, or the angle is off a little.
  3. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    rmulley - That looks great!! Any tips/tricks for how realistic you've been able to get the scene? I'm guessing just a great mixture of having realistic materials along with the right lighting.
  4. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Ok so here's my latest attempt. I created a new vray material using the vrmateditor, imported my original jpeg image where Diffuse Color is, imported the normals map I created in Photoshop where the Bump map goes. I probably need to adjust my scaling or blur on my normals/bump map but its definitely looking better than before.
  5. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Ok so here's my latest attempt. I created a new vray material using the vrmateditor, imported my original jpeg image where Diffuse Color is, imported the normals map I created in Photoshop where the Bump map goes. I probably need to adjust my scaling or blur on my normals/bump map but its definitely looking better than before.
  6. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Ok so I'm in the vrmateditor tool making this wood grain material. In the Diffuse Color I selected the checkered box and uploaded my original wood grain map. I then scrolled down to Bump and imported my bump map i created using Photoshop. But I don't see anything that says Normals, where do I import my normals image to? Sorry if these are basic questions, I'm still a rookie at creating my own vray materials!
  7. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Thank you rmulley & Justin! Yeah I'm not sure why my resolution looks so bad on my wood grain since I'm using the same image I uploaded here. Is it because I bring it into formZ by creating a new material, setting the material type to vray, then I set it the method to plastic, then under diffuse color I select an image file and go find this wood grain jpeg image. My reflection is set about halfway and my glossiness is set to .5. I leave all the other settings alone. Maybe this isn't the correct way to do it at all? I'll try to generate a bump map or normal map in Photoshop like Justin suggested. Then I'll try to create an actual vray material using the image, bump map & normals map from Photoshop. FYI I've never tried creating a vray material from scratch before using the vrmateditor so not too positive it'll come out right but gotta learn somehow!
  8. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Hi all! Quick question as I'm still a little new at Vray. I'm having a little trouble getting my woodgrain to look "realistic". I need to use a particular woodgrain laminate from either the formica or wilsonart website (forget at the moment where I got it from). But just bringing in the image map and setting it as a vray material I can only do so much as far as reflection, glossiness, etc. I have no idea how to create a new vray material, only use the stock materials - which won't work in my case as I need to use this particular laminate color. I'm guessing I need to create a new vray material & import the image map & create all the other maps for the reflection, woodgrain bump texture, etc? I've attached a sample rendering of how bad the woodgrain looks & also the image map of the woodgrain I'm using. Thanks in advance!!! BBY US 4x4 Endcap New Products Q2 2019 C view 3.pdf
  9. timgarner_10


    Is there any update to this topic for using Vray to generate animations? Just thought I'd ask while I had some down time and don't currently have anything that's due now. It's still doing the same like previously noted by others on here and not generating any frames.
  10. timgarner_10

    Render animation in vray?

    OK, so I've downloaded the latest formZ v8.6.1 and tried generating an animation in Imager and the "status" bar below has been on "Idle" for 4 hours (so basically it's not working). In opening the project & checking all the options I noticed that within the "Display Options" it says V-Ray Settings twice (I'm assuming the first one listed is supposed to be "Interactive V-Ray"?), but when I click on either of them to bring up the "V-Ray Settings" dialog box I then try to click on the "V-Ray Settings" button and nothing happens. So basically I can't check my V-Ray settings and just rely on the setting within the file when I saved last I'm assuming. I just tried the same file but instead of a V-Ray animation type I selected "Shaded Full" and it's working. I'm using macOS High Sierra 10.13.4
  11. timgarner_10

    Render animation in vray?

    I'm in the same boat as everyone else, can't even generate 1 frame of animation using Vray on my Mac. Wish I would've known that before suggesting doing one for a client. I'll survive with a shaded render animation for now but I really wish this so-called update would be released. I've been told "this week" and "next week" and "very soon" for what seems like over a month now. But speaking of animation... can we please get a more in depth how to video on animation?! I've only had to do a handful over the years and I always struggle with getting it right, and all I'm doing is having a camera follow a path. I'd love to be able to add some objects moving, textures possibly changing & lights turning on/off. But at this point I'm happy if I can even get 20 seconds following a simple path to look right without the speed changing or viewpoint of the camera aiming the wrong direction or upside down for that matter. I don't do enough animations for the company I work for to justify sending me to a class so it's just frustrating on my part because I have to learn everything on the fly (which basically means late nights at the office and lots of cursing) lol. -Tim
  12. timgarner_10

    Interior rendering settings for Vray

    Hi Justin, Thank for for all the input! Since my last post I've decided against using the second dome light with the HDR image for reflections because it is acting a little funny. Currently I'm just using the stock Vray dome light at around .7 or .8 Default Scalar Intensity. Then I'll add a distant light & a cone light or two as needed to finish lighting the scene. I saw a couple videos recently about adding some light orange (warm) color tint to the lights to help get a more realistic image so I've started doing that and it seems to help a little bit. Also, I've seen where you can soften your lights shadows under the Parameters tab where it says Shadow Radius. I'm sure it probably adds some rendering time but I've been setting mine to like 1 or 2. I also changed the Penumbra Falloff to Smooth Cubic and Decay to Inverse Square - also from a video I saw about more realistic interior lighting. I like to turn all my image maps into vray materials and then adjust the vray material settings. Whenever possible I like to use the stock vray materials and slightly adjust as needed using that vray material editor thing, but I haven't really dove into that completely yet. Speaking of that vray material editor thing, I saw where you can download & add like scratches, dust, fingerprints etc. to materials along with bump maps and it makes your materials render out very realistic. But I haven't figured out exactly how to accomplish this yet in the material editor. Oh, one other thing I'll sometimes do now in vray is when I need to zoom in on an area to show a detail of something, I'll use that Focus Target Tool in the Vray Tools and click on an object where I want the camera to focus. This will add depth blur to the other objects in the scene the farther away they are and seems to just add a little more realism to the rendering. OK that's enough out of me I'm starting to write a book here haha. It's been a long learning process so far but hopefully the realism will improve for us all as we learn more about vray. I'm just hoping there will be more in depth videos soon that cover the vray plugin for formZ specifically. Cheers! Here's a link to a textures site I've come across that looks really promising. If you register you can download all the free textures and they also give you a few free credits to download a few more so choose wisely! They seem really detailed because all the textures come with displacement maps, bump maps, diffuse variation maps, normals, etc. to use in the vray materials editor to bring your textures to the realistic level. I just need to learn how to use all them in the editor haha.. https://www.poliigon.com/ And here's a link so some surface imperfections site I came across but haven't purchased yet: http://dgruwier.dk/textures.html
  13. timgarner_10

    Interior rendering settings for Vray

    Thanks for the reply Michael! But yes, my scene is setup for an indoor scene Product Design using a dome light. I went into the Dome Light parameters dialog box, then selected the Parameters tab, then checked the Use Texture, and then selected an HDR image I have of the warehouse scene and it worked. I can now see my warehouse environment scene on all my glossy/shiny/chrome objects. The only issue is my scene got much darker because this changed my dome light settings to what the HDR is. So to get my light brightness back I just added a second dome light using a stock dome light settings. I think for now this will work to solve my reflections problem, so thank you! But like you mentioned, maybe someone else can provide more insight?!?
  14. OK, so where/how exactly do you add an environment map? I have a warehouse environment map jpeg I want to be reflected on all my glossy/reflective types of materials. Is this done under the Vray Settings - Environment tab? I've tried adding it to the "background - texture" and nothing happens. I've also tried adding it to the "Reflection - texture" and still nothing. Am I missing something here???
  15. timgarner_10

    Batch Rendering in VRay?

    Just curious if there's a way to send several views to render (overnight) in Vray? Like formZ imager does. If not, it'd be a great addition!!