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  1. So I need to create 2 materials for a project that I'm working on. Not sure if these are different materials or one in the same? 1) Infinity Mirror 2) 2-Way Mirror I'm on a PC and using formZ v9.2.0.1 and vray plugin v5.0.1.0 if that means anything. Side note, still learning how to create/edit materials in vray5 within formZ. Just as I was getting comfortable using the vray material editor which is now gone ughhh. Thanks in advance for any help!!!
  2. timgarner_10

    Hornsilver Winter.jpg

    Very nice work here! Love how everything blends together & looks so natural & real.
  3. timgarner_10

    Chaos Cosmos & Animation Plug-Ins?

    Thanks for the explanation Justin! And I agree, I do like how Vray feels like it's a part of formZ with how it's integrated. I guess I'll just keep my fingers crossed Chaos releases more SDK availability. Which I hope formZ has already been in contact with Chaos about this?!?
  4. Anyone else see the new Vray VFX Animation & Chaos Cosmos show reels? Cosmos seems like a good 3D model resource but can we even use it with formZ? Speaking of which, I don't even see formZ listed anywhere on the Chaos website anymore. Seems like formZ isn't getting any love anymore and we aren't privy to any of these great tools from Chaos, or other companies. I'd love for formZ to revamp the whole animation side their software and start getting partnered with all these great plugins made by companies like Chaos. It's really annoying that I still can't get a decent simple animation to work correctly in formZ, yet I learned & created a great animation using Twinmotion for the first time all in the same day within a couple hours because it's so user friendly and fast at generating animations. I even had people walking around, added weather effects and sound effects going on! I even hear Lumion is pretty user friendly to use as well to create animations. I hate to say it because I've been a formZ user for almost 20 years, but I'm seriously thinking of making a switch to another program that's more with the times and supported. Hear our cries formZ and please help! https://link.web.chaos.com/u/gm.php?prm=xa9I2fowHi_816088826_1948814_97799&_esuh=_11_9aacc188ff966dd17171804d1ccfad72bd50d4f0769f78410af4b625fa326c71
  5. Amazing work Pipo! I can't wait to learn how to create these types of animations. If only there was an easier bridge between formZ and one of these animation programs that kept all the vray maps/textures I use in formz.
  6. New to this thread, I currently model in formZ and render using the Vray plugin. I'm definitely interested in other animation software options as formZ seems to be lacking & not very intuitive (I probably need to just schedule a class for it). But I had a big presentation recently that definitely could've used some animation and I just wasn't able to pull it off due to timing, also not being confident in even attempting it. I did some research and came across Lumion and it simply looks amazing! I'm going to look into twinmotion now as well, but definitely want to keep this thread going. I'm interested in how everyone exports their formZ files with vray materials into these other programs, or if you just have to use the materials in these programs? With image maps, etc. already all done in formZ it would be great if you didn't need to redo everything.
  7. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Great work Jaakko! How did you generate this 360 panorama? Did it take a long time to render? Question for everyone... I have a really big/important presentation coming up in a few weeks for a customer. I've only generated normal flat renderings in formZ & Vray and after seeing this 360 panorama it has me intrigued. My project isn't a full store interior, but only a 16ft inline run (give or take) of one wall section. Since a 360 panorama isn't necessarily needed for a single wall, I'm wondering has anyone ever tried other interactive ways for a presentation? I've tried some simple animations over the years but it's simply too confusing & time consuming for me to figure out, especially with a rapidly approaching deadline. I see there's a "generate object 360" but I've never tried that. Is that where someone can spin my model around and look at it? Anyone ever dabble in generating a VR type of scene with their 3D models? Open to any interactive ideas here to get the customer excited...
  8. timgarner_10

    form•Z 9 beta

    Is there an update as to when formZ 9 will be officially released? Also, will this include the Vray Next plugin update?
  9. timgarner_10

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Wow thank you for all the detailed info Justin! And here I was still thinking Macs were the best and you always get what you pay for 😕 I'll be sure to share all this info with our creative director as he will surely find it informative as well. The thought of switching my computer (& life) back to PC gives me anxiety already but if that's what will make my work life easier it just might be time for the switch again. Thanks again, I'll be in touch if I have further questions. I just might get a budget number and ask you what the right build would be in your opinion if you're ok with that?
  10. timgarner_10

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Thanks for the information John! I've slowly been working thru the animation part of the online formz manual. To me though, an informational video is worth a thousand words. I watched the youtube video by formz titled "The hidden power of animation in form•Z" a few times now and it's definitely a great start. But there's always questions along the way that I guess I'll slowly have to learn the answers to as I go. So last night I setup a very quick scene & animation of a ball moving along a path (here's a link to it on Youtube: https://youtu.be/dvXWnz0vuXE ). It took 20 hours to complete this 12 second animation. Now I'm sure theres a few settings that I have wrong which could definitely help speedup the animation time. When it comes to the animation settings, does it go by the formz - display - "image options" settings OR does it go by the vray render output settings? I've attached screenshots of my settings for both & also the "Generate Animation" screen settings I had. Maybe these settings are ok because the animation does play smooth for me. 1 light in the scene and it's the stock vray dome light. Vray stock materials on very basic shapes. For the foreseeable future we will be staying with Mac OS here in the creative department. Which I'm perfectly fine with since I've been using Macs for like 15 years now, just wish they weren't so expensive.
  11. timgarner_10

    VRay formZ 8 Animation

    Great animation johnalexander1571! In regards to the Render People, I'm not able to get the texture maps to import into formZ. I have the option checked when I'm importing & have tried both .skp & .obj formats. When they open in formZ, the materials are generic colors and only a couple - with no links to the texture maps. Also, I'd love to learn formZ animation, especially using Vray. Any suggestions as to the best (most efficient) way to learn? Been debating signing up to do an online class with formZ. Just want to learn the basics for now - like camera along a path for walk thru's (everytime I try the speed varies and the camera is looking all over the place while moving along the path, etc.), lights turning on/off, maybe even some videos playing on tv screens during the animation, and some basic moving parts. The addition of animated people, sound, etc. would be the icing on the cake, but not needed for now. I think once I watch someone do it and then I do it myself a couple times, it'll click and I'll be off and running. On a side note with animations, I can't be without formZ when it'd be generating a vray animation for hours & hours. Can they be generated using the formZ imager yet? I think I tried a while back and it didn't work or something, been too long to remember exactly what the issue was. Going to be honest here, all the GPU + hybrid & Nvidia RTX engine talk is all over my head, not positive what it all means. I'm assuming it all relates to rendering locally on your computer vs on a server or render farm & the graphics cards used? I currently have the MacPro desktop "trash can" computer (Late 2013) running OS Catalina, 64GB memory, AMD FirePro D500 3GB graphics card. BUT - we're in the process of looking into getting the new MacPro computers but they're super expensive. Is there an "ideal" setup for running formz with vray & especially if we're going to be doing animations? As in is there a particular graphics card that we should be using and anything else? Within reason that is, we won't be able to get a $20,000 computer approved here at work, as much as I'd love to haha.
  12. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Andrew - Thanks again! This is all definitely something I need to dive into then. I'm actually going to do a quick rendering now just to test out some of the material ID stuff with saving out the separate channels to make sure I understand it all while we're on the subject. Again, it would be nice if there would have been some sort of series of videos released about all this stuff instead of having to basically learn on your own thru trial & error, or via forums, etc. If I only had all the wasted hours of my life back haha...
  13. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    John - Thanks, I'll have to give that a try for the animations next time! I'm on a Mac so might be a different story for me. Andrew - I never knew about the material ID thing and being able to adjust things post process!!! I've always just hit render and if something needed adjusted I'd stop the rendering and adjust that material or whatever, then would re-render. I have always just saved the renderings as a png once they got to a good amount of passes, usually at least 50 or 60+. But you're saying you can save all the channels separately? Do you know if there's a way to adjust the lighting post process like this? That's something I loved about Maxwell the very little time I had toying with it.
  14. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    So I'm trying to follow along with these forum posts as I'd love to know all these great tricks to get our formZ renderings to the next level. But with my current workload I'm slammed and it's hard to find time to keep up with all this. Should we start a YouTube page and share some quick tutorials on how we achieve some of these things?? I know, it takes time to create video's and edit them ,etc. But a picture (video) is worth a thousand words trying to explain all these things. I really wish formZ would release some video tutorials that go into more detail about using Vray and what all the settings do but that's just wishful thinking. Also, I'd love to be able to create some simple animations using Vray, is this even possible yet? Last time I tried to use Vray in Imager earlier this year I couldn't even get that to work.
  15. timgarner_10

    Example Images

    Very nice rendering Andrew!! Looks pretty dang real to me, especially with all the subtle details.